Skirts and dresses

Do you think the Vans don’t match dresses and skirts? You’re wrong. These shoes go well with everything, you can wear knee skirts, or mini dresses, with a denim jacket or a bomber and go. You will get a casual and feminine style.

Dressed in simple cotton fabric, gray, with Vans moccasins and a denim jacket.

Gray skirt under the knee, with a striped shirt and your Vans black loafers.

An all black look, with black Vans shoes, Best Outfit Leather Jackets Style and black dress.

Short striped skirt, with chess board Vans, and black t-shirt. An ideal combination for spring.

Vans Old Skoal with black socks, black or white dress and a denim or leather jacket. This is a perfect look to walk around the city. If there is a lot of sun, wear glasses or run to complete.

In summer you can wear them with a black short and a sleeveless shirt. Another option is with a denim shorts, a top and a plaid shirt.

Outfits with Vans shoes for men

You can combine your Vans with the best pieces of your wardrobe with your shoes to achieve a masculine style.

Vans with skinny jeans

Men wear skinny pants, in different shades and colors for almost any occasion. These jeans go very well with the Vans Old Skoal model. Although they really look good with any pair of this brand.

Wearing Vans with jeans is probably the most versatile option to wear with these shoes. This is because depending on what you use above you can go to a party night, or have a more casual style for work.

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