Best & Must-have Kitchen Knives

Knives are quintessential kitchen instruments, hence it is important to choose the right set of tools for preparing food.  Are you keen on investing in some knives for routine tasks like chopping vegetables, cutting meat and slicing bread?

Choose kitchen knives defined by sharpness and longevity to satisfy every cooking need. Here’s our pick for the must-have kitchen knives for your daily household chores.

Utility knife:

Sometimes referred to as a “sandwich knife”, the utility knife is a powerhouse tool. A utility knife is one essential tool you can find in any industrial toolbox or home. This all-purpose tool is used for almost any material. Thus, it is defined by its versatility. It can tackle the tasks that are too small for the chef’s knife and too big for a paring knife.

Ideally, these are mid-sized knives utilized for miscellaneous cutting. It is the right tool for cutting sandwich meats and larger vegetables that cannot be cut with a chef’s knife. This multi-purpose knife is also known as a carpet knife, box cutter or penknife.

Tips on how to select the best utility knife

1.      Select mid-sized knife for miscellaneous cutting.

2.      Look out for a blade with a length measuring between 4 to 7 inches for easing the art of cutting larger vegetables and sandwich meats.

3.      Look out for the utility knives with plain and serrated edges.

Bread Knife:

It is not just for cutting soft yeast bread and cakes but also for fruits like tomatoes. Moreover, it is also a preferred choice for cutting and slicing pastries, cheese and salami. You can also trim melons and pineapples, shred cabbage and lettuce. And it is surely a helping tool for carving up poultry and roast meats.

These saw-toothed tools are an absolute help in handling diverse cutting tasks. Hence, they are quite essential in the kitchen set. Also, they are dishwasher safe. However, it generally depends on their handle.

The serrated bread knife can smoothly slice through fresh and soft bread without tearing it apart. The large serrations in the bread knife can bite through the crispy crusts of bread and leave the soft interior intact.

Tips on how to select the best bread knife

1.      Always insist on buying a serrated knife.

2.      Look out for a longer blade with scalloped and sharp edges.

3.      The blade should have a length between 9-10 inches.

4.      Choose an inexpensive bread knife

Boning Knife:

Along with the utility and bread knife, the boning knife is an important asset to your kitchen set. As the name implies, a boning knife is preferred for boning or cutting meat, poultry or fish of any size and length. These knives have sharp, thin and flexible blades.

Removing the skin and bones from the fish and meat is no easy task; you have to deal with the ribcage and joints. But with a right set of flexible boning knives and proper techniques for removing skin and bones, you can ace both chopping and cooking skills.

This flexible bladed knife eases the art of cutting around the bones. It has enough flexibility to adeptly separate meat from the bone. Also, it can easily slice through the cartilage and the joints.

Tips on how to select the best boning knife

1.      Look out for a knife with a sharp and flexible blade.

2.      Select a curved blade with a length between 5-6.5 inches.

3.      Always choose a stainless steel blade.

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