Compared to women’s wardrobe, men’s clothes can sometimes look universal and boring. With only shirts, t-shirts, jeans, very similar trousers and a few sweaters, sometimes you may think that there’s really nothing new for them in the world of trends. However, you would be very wrong because in 2019, men will have the opportunity to look as dashing as ever with all the tips that we’ve prepared for them. 

Distressed jeans

In 2019, light-wash denim hits the centre stage. Being the most classic fashion trend ever, denim is slowly shifting from dark to light when it comes to men’s wardrobe and we couldn’t be happier about it. While most men choose classic blue jeans or dark wash denim, this year we are seeing men rocking this light, sexy shade just as much as the classic dark one. Mixing it up with plaid shirts or plain t-shirts and white sneakers will certainly bring out the macho side in you, allowing you to feel very fashionable. 

Mix and mismatch prints

If you are a fan of maximalism, you’ll love the next tip we have for you. Mismatched prints are becoming the main trend in the men’s fashion sphere. This will also be a true delight for those who’d like to rock a print or two but are not quite sure how to put them together. In 2019, you won’t have to think about it, you’ll simply need to throw on a bold print and mix whichever other you feel like with the one you picked out first.

Stick to classic shirts and mix up tees

Classic white and light blue dress shirts are the universal rule for fashionable men. If you truly want to keep up appearances, you’ll have to own those two pieces in your wardrobe. Whether you’re heading to the office, a meeting with a potential employer or maybe you have a date planned after work, a classic dress shirt will instantly elevate your outfit no matter what you’re wearing. Classic t-shirts and ones with interesting prints have been the main talk around Australia and men manage to keep their style urban with that single piece of wardrobe. To achieve the same level of style, feel free to shop men’s urban wear in Australia and look up to them for your future stylish ensembles. 

Pay special attention to outerwear

Trendy outerwear is the key when the warmer weather subsides and we’re faced with wind and rain. That’s why you’ll need a waterproof jacket to keep you dry and stylish at the same time. A classic trench coat alongside dense wool, cashmere, flannel, leather and suede fabrics will keep you warm and trendy all autumn long. Think about layering them up for a more enticing a look and upgrade your pedestrian ensembles. A leather bomber jacket and suede boots will be a great mix for chilly autumn days.

The tonal dressing may be your cup of tea

Mixing up textures and seemingly similar tones that appear as if they were created precisely to sit next to each other is all tonal dressing is about. It will prevent you from making the biggest fashion faux pas and will make you looking sharp day in day out. Your one-colour outfit can be easily sorted out with you combining similar shades of one colour and looking office or street-ready. A piece of advice for all the tonal novices – keep things muted for starters to get a strong and impactful overall look.

Final thoughts

Dressing up can be a true challenge with so many trends lurking around. However, if you stick to the basics and simply elevate your outfits with a hint of novelty, you won’t have any trouble looking sharp every day. If you’re not a fashionista yet, stick to tonal dressing and the classic t-shirt and jeans combos, and simply add interesting and protective outerwear to keep you dry. 


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