Best Low Maintenance Plants For Your House!

Some people have homes filled with lush, beautiful plants that make it look as though Mother Nature is their roommate. Other people have what’s known as a brown thumb, and seemingly kill every plant they try to grow.

Fortunately, there are plenty of plants that are low maintenance and thrive on your inability to care for them. Whether you head over to My Seed Needs to grow plants from scratch or choose to buy pre-potted varieties, here are the best low maintenance plants for your house.


Everyone should have an aloe plant. In addition to being hard to kill, it’s also a useful plant to have on hand for home remedies. A clipping of aloe can instantly treat a burn from the stove or to help heal a cut.

What makes aloe so great for brown thumbs is that it’s used to dry, arid conditions. If you forget to water it for a few weeks, it will likely do better than it would if you remembered it. Aloe plants like a lot of direct sunlight and very little water.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are also known by the name “Mother-in-law’s Tongue.” If that’s not a selling point for you, then the fact that they’re essentially maintenance-free should be.

These artistic green and yellow leaves grow straight out of the ground and maintain their upright shape. They like dry air and don’t have a lighting preference, making them ideal for darker rooms. If you manage to make your snake plant happy, it will reward you with a rarely seen bloom of delicate white flowers. Otherwise, it will just hang out and keep growing.


A lot of people want succulents, but struggle to keep them alive. Jade is one of the harder variants of succulents and boasts a long lifespan. Jade holds a lot of water in its leaves, so it only needs to be tended to every few weeks.

Place this plant near a sunny window to encourage growth. While a lack of sun won’t kill jade, it will cause it to be stunted and small.

Spider Plant

Spider plant is a time-honored favorite when it comes to indoor plants. As a decor piece, spider plants add a lot of dimension and texture due to their unusual shape.

From a maintenance perspective, spider plants are easy to care for, requiring medium lighting and moist soil. Spider plants look great in hanging planters and work well in bathrooms.


Perhaps no indoor plant grows better when neglected than a cactus. All it needs is a sunny window and sandy soil. A cactus plant goes through cycles. In the summer, it should be placed where it can absorb the light and be watered regularly to promote growth. During the winter, you should barely touch it, only watering it if it starts to wither.

It’s important to note that there are many types of cacti. For a breed that doesn’t need a lot of attention, you’ll want a desert cactus over a forest cactus.

Once you see these low-maintenance plants start to flourish and grow in your home, you’ll feel a renewed sense of confidence in your plant parenting abilities. Start with one low-maintenance plant for your house, and if you keep it alive for three months, add another.

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