Best Handheld Theragun Massager Guns

A massage can be really helpful and relieving if you’re experiencing aches and pains after strenuous exercise. A good massage drastically reduces pain and one instantly feels relaxed. While one may choose traditional hand massage or a machine, the machine massage has proven to be more effective. A machine massage is more beneficial due to easy usability and faster recovery.

What is a Massager Gun?

A massage gun is a massage machine designed to help in relaxing muscle tightness and improving blood flow. At the same time, it proves very beneficial in restoring and even improving muscular functionality. A massager gun is mostly used by professional athletes, however, it is equally useful for individuals experiencing muscular pain.

Benefits of Massager Guns

Using massager guns, you can achieve great results that include decrease of cortisol levels, reduces shoulder and low back pain, improves mood and reduce depression and much more. Recent studies conclude that a massage therapy using massager guns increase physical performance that include muscle activation, strength, motion and flexibility.

Types of Massager Guns

There are a variety of massager guns available that include high-powered massage guns, multi-functional massage guns, budget massage guns and more. While the budget massage guns are generally useful for individuals experiencing aches and pains due to daily exercises and physical activities, there are high-powered massager guns specifically meant for professional athletes.

How Massage Gun Works

Massage guns work by deceiving the nervous system, and as a result one feels relief in pain areas. There should be proper stimulation and responsiveness of the nervous system during pain sensation. Massage Guns send the right frequency of nerve impulses tricking the system into acting faster on pain.

Recovapro is a British Fitness Brand at the forefront of developing innovative massaging products which are affordable for everyone. Recovapro is a cutting-edge full body massaging device that uses percussive vibration to improve body’s overall performance. It is specially engineered to relieve aches and pains to a great extent. Recovapro is perfectly weighted and ergonomically sound and is expressly designed to maximise ease, comfort, and usability, with zero stress or pressure on forearms, hands, and wrists – whether you’re treating yourself or others.

Every Recovapro is equipped with an Innovative Brushless motor engineered to precisely deliver 12 mm of Amplitude at a top speed of 55 percussions per second on the body and thus reduces pain and one instantly feels relaxed and refreshed.

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You can shop for RECOVAPRO, THERAGUN G3PRO, HYPERVOLT PLUS and BOOSTER PRO with different speed modes and levels depending on your usage and requirements by visiting You can also buy different accessories for your massage guns on the website.

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