Green is a very rare eye color to come by. Only a small percentage of the world has green eyes, which is probably why many want it. After all, it is only human to desire what is harder to get. Hard but not impossible! Even if you have dark eyes, you can achieve that fan-fiction green look by choosing the Best Green Contact Lenses For Dark Eyes that will make your eye color pop. 

The best green contact you can apply to dark eyes is a two-tone sensitive green contact lens. They are a part of the Chiara lens natural-looking green contact collection. These lenses offer a wide diameter of 14.5 mm which covers the entire part of the iris and does not let any bit of the dark colors pierce through during the day. They have a lifespan of 3 months which guarantees that your eyes will look fresh and natural within that time. In addition, they offer a two-tone tint, which means the rim of the lens is darker and can look homogenous on your natural eye color, while the middle part offers a bright green color that will lighten up your natural look.  

How to choose the most natural-looking green contacts for your dark eyes

If you are new to contact lenses in general, picking the most natural-looking green contacts might feel like rocket science. Here is the good news: it is a science but the formula has been cracked:

  • First of all, get the dimension of your eyes right, including base curve and diameter, and find the contact lenses that will offer full coverage of your eye.
  • Secondly, find the right FDA, CE, and ISO approved contact lenses which will ensure their impeccable quality and allow you to feel natural with the lenses during long periods of time. After all, going from dark eyes to bright green is not a subtle change. You do not want to go back and forth several times during the day and ruin your image completely. 
  • Start with a dark shade of green for the first three months and then lighten up the tint of the lens (by picking another shade) in the following months, so your transformation is not extreme. 
  • Dare to be more dramatic with a dream green or spring green contact lens once you feel comfortable with your new eye color. These shades are perfect for darker complexions and also dark eyes. 
  • Find a collection that offers different tints to the same colors, such as one, two or three-tone lenses, so you can add depth and perspective to your look on different occasions. If it is a party you are going to, a three-tone green lens will do the trick. If you are going out for the weekend, a two-tone lens will look very natural under the sun. If you are wearing your lenses at work, a one-tone green contact will be the more sensible choice for your dark color. 
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