Best Cities to Live in the United States

The United States is vast, and due to that, a lot of its fifty states vary and alter drastically from each other, sometimes so much so that they lack any resemblance of being the same country. It’s because of this natural and often economic diversity that some states, and,  therefore, the cities within them, end up being far greater places to live than others due to metrics such as house prices, job prospects, quality of education, and other key factors.

It can be difficult to know if your city is up to the standard of some of the more attractive locations, so to help, here are three of the top places to live in the USA.

San Diego, CA

San Diego is a great beachside, warm location in southern California near the Mexican border. Due to this, it’s a sprawling and exciting multicultural location, fusing many different ways of life together to create a unique atmosphere and city.

More often than not, the weather in the city is glorious and warm, with the temperature vary rarely dropping under 50 degrees, making it a steady and sunny location to start your new life.

It’s a huge technology hub, which may be surprising for some, but many innovative companies have started life here due to the supportive economy, while industry leaders such as Apple and Amazon have made the city their home in recent years. This technological surge makes it a great place for work and well-paying job prospects.

Of course, there are many things to consider before making a big move to a city like this, that’s why it can be a good idea to check out this guide to moving to San Diego.

Charlotte, N.C

Charlotte is quickly developing into a powerhouse of the Southern states, due to its booming music scene, fine cuisine, and culture that’s beginning to rival that of Nashville and Atlanta. As well as this, Charlotte is thriving economically and is growing exponentially at a record-breaking pace. It has an extremely young and diverse population, giving it the nickname of the ‘millennial boomtown.’

There’s plenty of developments currently underway in the city, such as Lowe’s Design Center, which will create a tech hub in the South End, and the Ally Charlotte Center, which will add larger, modern offices. What this signifies is that this town is becoming a great place to work. There are also great spots to visit in the city such as Plaza Midwood, which can be described as a hipsters paradise, and the creative and ever-developing Belmont and Optimist Park.

Charlotte is also an affordable place to live, with the average house costing around $250,000, which is far less than some of the other prime locations in the United States.

Austin, TX

Austin has historically been one of the most desirable locations to live in America due to it seemingly having it all. It’s got fantastic value for money, with affordable house prices and living expenses, as well as a very strong and competitive job market. It doesn’t stop there; it also has a high quality of life, which can be attributed to the great weather and culture in the city, as well as education prospects. Combined, this makes it a great place to live.

It’s considered to be one of the top U.S cities to start a small business in, which demonstrates how much of an economic hotbed it is. Its growing population due to migration seems to prove that Americans find it to be a desirable place to live and are acting on those desires too.

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