A fit person is capable of living life to a maximum extent.  Physical and mental fitness play an important role in both personal and professional life. People who are fit and maintain their most optimum weight are not prone to cardiac and other health problems. If you are physically fit it improves your mental ability, thus one can cope up with up’s and down’s of life easily.

Need Of Being Fit:

Nowadays due to the modern lifestyle and food habits, people are being prone to obesity, diabetes and many other health issues, which make one’s life complicated and miserable. So, to lead a healthy and happy life, FITNESS is the only way.

How To Become Fit In A Smarter Way ??

Fitness isn’t something we can think about once and run through a checklist and forget about it.  Fitness must be maintained through small also consistent actions that add up over time.  But there is no need of being worried because our favorite smartphones can now become our fitness companions. There are numerous apps available on play store with just one click our smartphone will now become our fitness trainer.  Here are some of the best fitness Apps. Store is Here


It is quite a user-friendly app. This is perfect for busy beings having no time to focus on their fitness. And also for people who can’t spend the time to go to the gym. The app provides a personal trainer for each user. The trainer encourages, supports, suggest you to keep going well.  The app fits in well with the daily schedule of a person.  The app pubg lite PC contains great flexible and motivational workouts.

It works well for all age groups. The most important thing people with past injuries need not worry about carrying on workouts, because the trainer suggests only the workouts fit for you.  This app keeps you in touch with a personal trainer or nutritionist who will check with you once a week.


This particular app has got some unique features as you can earn for staying fit and active! The people who do workouts are paid by people who don’t!! It is quite interesting to earn money in this manner. It is more than the competition as money comes into the picture.

I can say this app is a combo pack in which you would get both fitness as well money!! The app will verify your check-in at the venue where you said you would sweat out. And the most important thing you if you don’t reach your targets you need to pay up.

#3.My Fitness Pal

Losing weight the healthy way is the main theme of this app.  This app connects you to a community of people who cheer you on and send their support and others motivate you through healthy competition. If you are serious about losing weight and having the perfect diet plan which suits you then MFS is the best option to keep you on track.

You can even count the calories, workouts and can collect stats on your progress.  It is an app that gives you info about what to eat and how much to eat.  It is the easiest one to manage as it got a large database of foods and drinks. You can get in touch with the app 24/7 wherever you are.

#4.Nike+Training Club

The workouts in this app are designed by athletes and famous professional trainers. The app creates a personalized training plan. The app consists of more than 100+ workouts and visual guidance by professionals. There is a chance of sharing your workouts or the recent records you have crossed with the community.

#5.Seven Minute Workout App

It is an app created by Johnson and Johnson   It is quite a user-friendly app and one of the trending app.  It got more than about 1.4 billion followers.  The main theme of the app is it helps to make every minute count.  It is an app that fits into your life and it is science-based high-intensity interval workouts with 12 body exercises for a power-packed workout in a short amount of time.

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