Best 10 Philippines Tourist Spots that You Should Visit

The Philippines is known as a top tourist destination. It is rich in history and culture. But the most noteworthy are listed in the Top 10 Philippines Tourist Spots.


1. Palawan Underground River

The Palawan Underground River is on the list of Top 10 Philippines Tourist Spots for a good reason. It is tagged by UNESCO as a world heritage site and a provisional winner of the search for the 7 wonders of the world. Best places variancetv the Underground River opens with a welcoming lagoon. It presents a breathtaking view of rock formation amidst the stillness of the river. The caves are also home to various bird species. Its natural beauty is undeniable and indeed a must see!


2. Boracay

Boracay is a well-known tourist spot for beach lovers and is on the Top 10 Philippines Tourist Spots. The pure sand and the crystal clear water, as well as its active nightlife, make it a favorite tourist destination. The resorts surrounding the area are tourist friendly. If you are looking for a great spot to relax and party like you’ve never left the city, Boracay is absolutely the place to be!


3. Sta. Ana

Sta. Ana, Cagayan is another place to be and is simply one of the Top 10 Philippines Tourist Spots. Although it is usually tagged as the Boracay up north, Sta Ana has its own charm. The equally pristine beachfront, underwater richness and superior accommodation are indeed comparable to any beach resorts in the world. What makes it more special mocospace is the mystery surrounding it, unspoiled and yet to be discovered by a throng of tourists.


4. Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is noteworthy for an underwater adventure. Divers from the world over visit the location to have great diving experience. With its colorful reefs and sea life, Puerto Galera is one of the Top 10 Philippines Tourist Spots that should not be missed.


5. Mactan Island

The Mactan island in Cebu is a perfect getaway. It is among the Top 10 Philippines Tourist Spots not only for its majestic beach but also of the history that enriched this place. Mactan is where the world explorer Ferdinand Magellan first landed in 1521 where a cross was placed to mark the historic discovery of the islands.


6. Baguio City

Take the Baguio City adventure. Aside from the beach life, the Philippines have a lot to offer. For someone who has a particularly tough appetite for adventure, the Kabayan Mummy Burial caves in Baguio are worth paying a visit. Marvel at the remains preserved through time. Baguio is a cooler alternative to the Philippine beaches and an absolute member of the Top 10 Philippines Tourist Spots.


7. Rafting at Cagayan de Oro

Rafting at Cagayan de Oro is a must try activity when you set foot in the Philippines. The robust rivers drive the raft in full throttle taking the riders into an exciting ride of adventure.


8. Crocodile Farm

The Crocodile Farm is the most popular tourist attraction in Davao. But Davao is also known as a home to the endangered Philippine Eagle. Other attractions include the Pearls Farm where strings of pearls are cultured the conventional way.


9. Camarines Sur

Camarines Sur for wakeboarding is gaining ground, hence, to be reckoned as one of the Top 10 Philippines Tourist Spots. It is becoming a recognized place for water sports. The newly built water sports complex is a known wakeboarding spot. Aside from the sport though, Camarines Sur is also a great destination for fun and relaxation.


10. Metro Manila

Metro Manila is the heart of the country. It is home to skyscrapers, malls, and the famous jeepneys. Intramuros is a well-protected historic site within Metro Manila. The Malacanang Palace, home to the country’s first citizen is worth noting as well. Taking a jeepney ride and witnessing the sunset from Manila Bay are among the things that should not be missed. It is a great pit stop to your Philippine trip.

Guarantee a worth visit to anilinkz the beautiful islands with this list of the Top 10 Philippines Tourist Spots where you can definitely feel at home no matter how short the visit.

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