Lapis Lazuli, whose name is also Lapis Lazuli.  This stone can wear as a substitute stone blue sapphire the gemstone of the planet Saturn. This substitute stone is interpreted by the stars of the sky. The color of this gemstone is found in various shades of blue color. White or yellow spots inside blue color are also found in this substitute stone. There is no mixture of any kind in the best variety of this gem.

Lapis Lazuli is not only used for peace but it has also been used in making beautiful jewelery and many other types of items. The use of Lapis Lazuli has been seen in many civilizations since ancient times. Its use was not only in ancient Indian culture, but its use is also seen in the remains found in the sabha of the Indus Valley. This gemstone has been so valuable due to its beautiful bright color. In Indian astrology, it has been ranked among the new gems.

Where do you get Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis Lazuli is found in Afghanistan, USA and Soviet Russia. Lapis Lazuli stone is considered the birthstone of the month of February.

Benefits of love

This substitute stone has a unique ability to enhance supernatural qualities. This Substitute stone ends sadness and is also helpful in the prevention of fever. It keeps away negative emotions. It cures throat disorders. This above is also auspicious for those people who are suffering from diabetes disease. It also helps in increasing the stamina of a person.

Supernatural qualities of Lapis Lazuli

Wearing this Substitute stone develops mental capacity. The brain remains calm. There is clarity in the brain. Effort develops. For people associated with the teaching profession, this stone increases their abilities and they focus their attention on their work. Increases creative self-expression. This alleviates the stress of the upholder and enhances spirituality. It also helps those who understand all the subtle values ​​of life.

Who can wear lapis Lazuli?

Those people whose Saturn planet is Inauspicious their horoscope or it is in a weak position, they can wear this stone.

Benefits of Lapis Lazuli Gemstone

Wearing the Lapis Lazuli Gemstone brings mental peace. For this reason, this gemstone is also used in healing. It reduces the negative effects of the person. Due to the energy and light of this gem, the environment around it is very auspicious. This gemstone is said to experience freedom and immunity in many cases.

The use of this gemstone increases concentration. The habit of remembering things increases. It also has an advantage in psychology-related work. It is better to put this gemstone in the room of students who are weak in studies. This gem is a factor in increasing intellect and knowledge. This gem is also used for success in the related field. If you are trying for success in the job, then the use of this gemstone is beneficial.

In those places where creativity required, the use of this gem gives a miraculous benefit. If you are involved in any journalism work or are working as an advisor in an institute then this gem is very beneficial. The use of this gem is also going to remove the laziness of the native. The person is aware of his work. His wavering attitude ends. It is also able to give its impact on the person immediately.

The use of this gemstone to protect against diseases related to throat and voice also benefit from the use of this gemstone.

How to wear Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli can be used in rings, bracelets & Pendants etc. wear it in a panchadhatu or steel metal on a Saturday. Two hours before the sun sets, one should wear any mantra of Shani while speaking his name, like Shanmashrai Namah.

Identification and quality of Lapis Lazuli

It is considered very well if Lapis Lazuli has a glowing aura of dark blue color. Its price is also decided on the basis of its color and its texture. It is less expensive and less effective if it has less dark blue color or it has a glimpse of green, purple or brown color.

Who does not wear?

One should not wear Lapis Lazuli (Lapis Lajuli) Substitute stone with yellow sapphire, rubies, pearls, coral gems or above.


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