Emerald stone is especially worn to use spiritual energy. Being a gemstone of Mercury, it is directly related to intelligence, intellectual ability, planning and decision making. Panna is one of the most attractive and beautiful gems. This gemstone gives the benefits of its qualities and actions to the wearer, provided that it is worn only after consultation with a qualified astrologer.

Types of Emerald Gemstone- Green Emerald gemstone is obtained in the form of dark green color while Baruze stone is also obtained of light green or light blue and yellow color. Pure and flawless emerald gemstone is dark green and transparent.
Emerald Stone should be worn for the prevention of diseases caused by Mercury. Mercury’s stone supports the mental ideology and intelligence of the Panna wearer. Panna gem is beneficial in the prevention of diseases related to skin diseases, nervous system and speech. Speech ability will increase. The retarded people should wear emerald stone ering. This gem is useful in removing emotions and stress. The role of this gem is important in earning reason and Knowledge. Gemstone auspiciousness improves diseases and disorders associated with the brain. Emerald gemstones can also be worn to improve memory. People who feel uncomfortable speaking in the meeting. All of them should wear this emerald stone ring. Along with its other properties, emerald gemstones are also used in the medical field. Epilepsy, asthma, heart disease, skin diseases and insomnia are some such diseases. In the horoscope, emerald gems are worn to take advantage of the auspiciousness of Mercury. With the auspiciousness of this gem, the mind, intellect, skin and speech ability are better. Wearing this gem increases interest in brain work. The wearer likes to do academic work, business work and students’ studies. Students can wear this gemstone after analyzing their horoscope. In the period of education studies, Mercury planet gives important benefits this gem also serves as a planning, efficiency and strengthening the relationship with colleagues in the field. Those who are involved in transaction work and business activities must wear Panna stone. Apart from this, this gem also proves to be auspicious for the class of people who do the work of maintenance of accounts and books. Mercury Ratna improves the mathematician ability of its wearer. One should wear emerald gemstone to get relief from sorrows in life and reduce inauspicious events.
  • Apart from this, Panna Ratna should also be worn by students who do not mind studying. Those who study but do not remember for long.
  • It is believed that keeping the real emerald gem in pure water for some time and then splashing the water on the eyes provides relief in eye diseases.
  • People suffering from snake bite fear to get rid of this fear by wearing emerald gems.
  • Those who do the work of calculation and deposit-reduction or to teach in these subjects should also wear Panna Ratna.
  • When the zodiac sign of Mercury forms in the ninth, it becomes a fortune gem. In this case, luck can be done by wearing this gem. The destiny of fortune is an indicator of wealth arrival.
  • If Mercury is the lord of the 8th, 9th and 12th house in the horoscope, then Panna Ratna should not be worn.
  • If Mercury is the lord of the auspicious place, if it is sitting in a benefic sense then wearing emerald is beneficial.
  • Wearing emerald is very auspicious for Gemini and Virgo signs.
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