Benefits Of Wearing 5 Mukhi Rudraksha Beads

The rudraksha beads are seeds of the fruit got from the rudraksha trees. These trees are found only in Java, Sumatra, Borneo, and other Indonesian islands. A few are found in Nepal and India.

Reason for the name 5 mukhi

The name of the beads arises from the long lines on the seeds that result in making the seed into parts or faces. The most common one is the 5 face rudraksha. One seeds the Indonesian 5 mukhi rudraksha beads have a smaller diameter compared to the Nepal beads. The Nepal beads have sizes bigger than 15 mm while the Indonesian ones are lesser than this.

Benefits of wearing the 5 mukhi beads

  • Wear 3 large 5 mukhi rudraksha malas (necklaces or garlands) to avoid accidental death
  • Blessing of Shiva stays with you for a long period
  • Remove sins you made by doing wrong things

Symbolic meaning of the faces

This represents Shiva in the Mahadev form which means that each of the faces will denote one specific quality. The faces will have three eyes except fot the face that faces North. The five faces symbolize destruction, preservation, creation, obligation, and detachment. The fifth face of Shiva points up in the direction of spiritual progress. In the context of the elements, the five faces represent Vaayu (air), Agni (fire), Prithvi (earth), Aakash (sky), and Jal (water).

Buy online

The reason people shop online is that they get to compare the rudraksha beads and the shops. They study the customer reviews and form their opinion on which one is good. In addition, they can check the period for which the store was in business. This will give a good sign of how trustworthy the online store is.

The other big reason is that one can buy without any hassles. One does not have to stand in line for hours or anything like that. You just need to point and click. Online payment processors take care of the rest.

Divine blessings

While blending traditional with the modern, the modern man has the right to exist in the seventh heaven. He or she keeps up with the tradition in the worship and devotion but does not have to suffer or do painful penance (unless there is a specific reason). The internet makes sure you do not have to move around much or even speak when you buy online.

When people use combination rudraksha beads, they make it a point to include at least one 5 mukhi bead. Since the 5 mukhi is common, it is not expensive. The 5 mukhi rudraksha price is only $4 – $5 while the rudraksha mala is $50. One needs to do proper siddhi (purification process) before one wears the mala. The rudraksha keeps the wearer on the path of truth and eventually leads him or her to success. They get all manner of leisure and comfort and kills diseases thus keeping the wearer healthy always.

Be careful when you buy

Since there always is the chance of someone cheating you, one must look for the authenticity certificate. A reputed testing lab must give this certificate. One can do tests like the water test or the x-ray test if one is buying from a regular brick-and-mortar shop. Check whether the beads have a regular appearance or they have cracks. Some cheats will use glue to stick pieces of fake material on the bead. Use a magnifying glass to see if this is the case.

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