Benefits of Pet Insurance That Your Family Should Consider

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The most important reason to get pet insurance is to ensure you can get your dog or cat the costly procedures they may need as they get older. Pets can suffer from many of the same illnesses that affect people, ranging from a common fever to cardiovascular disease or cancer. The treatments for these conditions can be just as costly as similar treatments for people, and that’s the primary benefit of having pet insurance for your dog or cat. Additionally, here are a few lesser known advantages of getting insurance coverage for your four-legged family member.

Liability Coverage

Owning a pet comes with a degree of responsibility in ensuring the animal is safe to be around other people. If your cat scratches a guest or your dog bites the mailman, their injuries may not be superficial. If you end up facing a personal injury claim as the result of this type of incident, check your pet insurance policy. You may have liability coverage that will pay the medical care costs of those injured by your dog or cat. You may also be provided with compensation to cover your attorney fees. While each policy is different, this is becoming one of the more common benefits of pet insurance. Since it covers your legal liability as a pet owner, it can save you thousands of dollars.

Assistance in Recovering a Lost or Missing Pet

If you lose your pet or believe that it has been stolen, your pet insurance coverage may be of some help. Some policies may pay you the price you paid for your pet if it dies or turns up missing before it reaches a predetermined age. Some policies will also reimburse you the costs of advertising a lost pet with missing posters and other types of paid media marketing. In addition to those costs, your insurance company may also provide coverage for offering a reward so that cost won’t have to come out of your pocket.

Pet Boarding in an Emergency

If you live alone and have no one to care for your pet if you suffer a medical emergency, you should check your pet insurance policy. Many pet insurance policies will cover the costs of boarding your pet while you’re in the hospital to receive medical treatment. Some policies stipulate that it must be emergency medical treatment, but others may not specify the type of treatment. If you end up having to spend several nights in the hospital, receiving reimbursement for your pet’s care can make this situation less stressful.

Emergency Pet Care Abroad

You can also benefit from pet insurance if you’re planning to take a trip with your pet for a vacation. Many policies offer coverage if your pet becomes ill or injured abroad. In that situation, the insurance company will pay the veterinary bills for your pet’s emergency care in that country. Alternatively, some policies offer trip reimbursement if you have to cancel a trip to provide emergency care for your pet. If your dog or cat requires emergency surgery close to your departure date, you can cancel your trip and submit a claim for coverage for the costs of cancelling on short notice. This allows you to stay home and care for your pet without losing the money you spent on the canceled trip.


Each pet insurance provider will offer different types of coverage, so it’s important to research policies carefully. You should find a few policies that you like and compare them side by side. It may also be helpful to read online reviews for each insurance provider. In choosing an insurer for your pet, you’ll want to get the most coverage for your pet and make sure filing a claim is as hassle-free as possible.

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