Benefits of Living in a Small Apartment

Tiny apartments have their share of cliches and jokes in popular media.  Whether you’re keeping your living situation small because of expensive Manhattan real estate, or you want to start living more minimally, there are tons of benefits a small apartment can add to your life.  As long as you don’t have any big dogs or more than a couple of kids, a small apartment can be livable!

Help Manage Clutter

Nothing will help you learn how to manage how many things you own better than living in less than a thousand square feet.  Although it becomes forced minimalism at this size, it’s still an excellent opportunity to learn how to live sparingly.  When looking at furniture, you can think of how much room you need and how much storage is necessary.

Easy To Clean

Going hand in hand with a lack of clutter, the smaller your apartment is, the more necessary and easy it will be to clean it.  It’s easier to notice when a mark appears on a wall, or you accidentally missed a trashcan when throwing a paper ball in smaller spaces.  Although some people may worry their guests will be hyper-aware of garbage, the truth is this allows you to keep it cleaner.  As a bonus, because it’s so small, you’ll be able to clean deeper and faster than you would in a large space.  In the time it would take you to sweep and vacuum a large place, you could sweep, mop, and shine a smaller apartment’s wooden floors.

Everything Becomes Art

Living in a smaller apartment forces you to become more creative with storage.  A bike can become wall art when you’re not on it, and so can clean dishes and garments.  Don’t be shy to try new and inventive ways of incorporating your things into your decor.

Lower Rent, of course!

The smaller a place is, the less expensive it is by comparison to the apartments nearby.  Although a 1500-foot apartment in Los Angeles may be the same rent as a two-story, eight-bedroom home in rural Georgia, it’s cheaper than a 3000-foot apartment in Los Angeles.  The smaller your footprint, the more money you save.  You could consciously save this for vacations and trips outside of the city, or even spend it making your apartment more enjoyable for you with deco and entertainment.

Cozy With Loved Ones

Although being too snug together can cause fights and bickering in almost every relationship, it also forces you to be around each other more.  This forced intimacy can allow you to understand your partner better and come to peace with who you are as a couple.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting your own space, but learning how to navigate tight spaces and respecting each others’ boundaries is an essential lesson for nearly every couple.

Although losing out on space and room may feel like a big thing, your attitude while living in a small apartment can change everything.  Go at it with some good habits and a healthy relationship, and you can come out on the other side, having saved some money and learned creative problem-solving.

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