Benefits of Laminotomy and Laminectomy Spinal Surgical Procedures

There are various spinal surgeries performed by the surgeons in case of spinal nerve  disorders. Few of them are worth mentioning.

Pinched Nerve

Decompression surgery is done to ease pressure and lessen pain caused by this shoulder pain (impingement syndrome). In this type of surgical treatment small portion of the bone, called lamina over the nerve root is removed, to give the nerve more space.

Spinal decompression surgical procedures can be bifurcated into 3 common types, all of which can be done using minimally invasive techniques:

1.Laminotomy/foraminotomy Surgical technique – removing the part of the lamina to make a space for the larger opening to relieve the pinched nerve

2.Laminectomy spinal surgery – It involves the complete removal of the nerve lamina

3.Discectomy – It generally includes the removal of part of a disc which is compressing the nerve

All of these surgical treatment can be performed either independently or combined together and depend upon case to case basis.

What Are a Laminotomy and Laminectomy?

Laminotomy and laminectomy are the decompression surgical treatments that involve the removal of bone called lamina on the lower spine, to relieve pressure on the spinal nerve(s).

Laminotomy is the half-done removal of the lamina to create a larger opening and differs from the laminectomy in which the entire removal of the lamina is done to create a larger opening.

Benefits of these back surgery Florida, surgical procedures;

Laminotomy and laminectomy surgical operation are done on the patients suffering from spinal stenosis that includes soreness, weakness or lack of sensation which can radiate down the arms or legs.

Generally these are recommended by the surgeons only if non-surgical treatments do not cure these symptoms, or if muscle weakness or numbness makes standing or walking difficult.

Various others types of spinal disorders are treated with a laminotomy and/or laminectomy spinal surgical treatments:

1.Spinal stenosis
2.Herniated disc

Expectation during Laminotomy /laminectomy: These are usually done as an open surgery, where surgeon uses single larger cuts to access the nerve or by using a non-invasive method, through a smaller cuts rather than cutting the muscles apart.

Accessing the Spine through a small cut through a muscle is gradually dilated and separated and then tubular retractor will be inserted to create a passageway through which the surgeon may perform minimally invasive surgery.

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