Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Skin And Hair

Coconut oil is becoming increasingly popular in our life, but there are still some people, may it include you, do not know clearly what coconut oil is, how it was made and what exactly are the benefits of coconut oil that we are making use of, especially in women who care a lot about their health and beauty. This article will show you almost everything important about coconut oil, and its benefits to women.

Coconut oil is a kind of vegetable oil which is extracted from fresh coconuts. Just like other oils derived from plants such as olive, sesame, soybean or rice, it is also a natural ingredient which after that is extracted and processed to make into oil.

Coconut oil is the lightest one among oils. It also has the lowest melting temperature (about 35 – 40 degrees) and the highest freezing temperature (about 20 – 22 degrees).

Coconut oil has many nutrients including vitamin E, vitamin K, saturated fatty acids, polyphenols, antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal and minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium. Besides, coconut oil also contains monolaurin which is a very good immune enhancer. Coconut oil is divided into two types: virgin coconut oil (milky) and refined virgin coconut oil (yellow).

Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Skin

Nowadays, people mostly know about two most well-known benefits of coconut oil including benefits for skin and benefits for hair. According to research and studies, coconut oil has exceptional antiseptic properties. Therefore, women often use it to take care of their skin in various ways.

  • Cleansing: After a long time covering your skin with makeup layers, you should give your skin spaces to relax. Nonetheless, what about forgetting carrying cleansing cream? You don’t need to worry, because one perfect use among the well-known benefits of coconut oil is for cleansing. You just need to use a cotton ball to dip in coconut oil and absorb the oil on your skin. After that, use your cleanser to wash all over your face. As the result, your face will be clean well without cleansing cream.
  • Acne scar treatment: The next popular in the list benefits of coconut oil for skin that you should know is its use in treating acne scars. To stop being bothered by the ugly scars, you just need to use a swab, dip it in coconut oil and apply on the squeezed acne spots. For sure, your skin will no longer reddish and irritating. At the same time, the scars caused by acnes will blur and disappear.
  • Dry skin treatment: Many people also mention coconut oil as an useful remedy for dry skin and dead skin cells. In the winter, it is quite easy to get cracked heels or cracked skin because of dry skin condition. What you need to do is just washing your face after taking a bath. After that, apply a layer of coconut oil on your face and gently massage the skin. After only some minutes, your skin will be softer and the cracked skin areas will be reduced.
  • Coconut oil face masks: The mask may be very common benefits of coconut oil that are using nowadays by women.

To make face masks by coconut oil, you can combine a spoon of coconut oil with 2 spoons of sugar-free yogurt and mix the ingredient to create a fine mixture. In another way, you can also mix coconut oil, lemon juice, and sugar in the rate 2:1:1 before applying on your face. Repeat using the mask in a month, twice a week. Your skin condition will be positively improved.

Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Hair

In fact, it is not really different to mention benefits of coconut oil to hair compared to skin. Many young women often use coconut oil to incubate their hair, so that the hair could be less dry and split. However, in fact, coconut oil is also used for taking care of hair in different ways that we may not have thought about. The following are some of the most popular and effective benefits of coconut oil in terms of hair care.

  • Coconut oil incubation for dry and tangled hair: To get smooth and softer hair, it is very easy to take advantages of coconut oil and begin your hair care process. Firstly, you need to cut the dry end of your hair to be shorter a bit. Focus on nourishing your new growing hair roots. After that, you need to pour coconut oil on your hand and apply carefully on your hair before washing it. Use a towel to cover your hair and incubate in about 15 minutes. Then, use a little shampoo to wash your hair again and use a soft towel to dry it. You should note that the incubation step must be done before washing your hair so that your scalp can be dry and take longer to get dirty again. The result can be clearly seen after two months using this method. Your hair will be shiny, healthier and less dry. To take benefits of coconut oil in terms of hair incubation, at first you may need to follow the frequency of twice to three times per week. Then, if your hair condition is far improved, you only need to continue doing this method once a week.
  • Dandruff removal: Have you been bothered by dandruff, which makes your scalp itchy and uncomfortable as well as make you unconfident to go out? Then don’t be so sad, because one of the lovely benefits of coconut oil is also in terms of dandruff treatment. All you need to do is follow the formula: Take coconut oil in your hand and apply it on your scalp. Make sure that you let the oil absorb in your hair equally. After that, incubate your hair in a towel before washing it again as usual.
  • In this method, benefits of coconut oil can be revealed as it prevents dandruff to get back, reduce the itchy feeling and make it less possible to get hair loss. Therefore, coconut oil is also realized as a useful remedy for bald people since it helps motivate hair growth. One thing to be noted down that you have to massage your scalp carefully to let the active substances absorb deeply in your hair so that the hair growth can proceed quickly.

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