There are different types of shoes available in the market, and each shoe compliments a variety of occasions. But boxing shoes are totally different than your formal shoes because these shoes are designed with extra padding and grips.

Boxing is a sport played by many for both fun and professional purposes. If you are into boxing then box hog plus shoes are a must in your shoe collection. Here you can find the details of the box hog plus shoes and you can also search them online to choose the best-fitted shoes for your boxing practices.

About Box Hog Plus Shoes

Box hog plus shoes are special shoes worn for sports. These shoes are specially made for boxing and they are very popular among professional boxers. Almost all well-known companies manufacture these shoes. It is also available online nowadays. The shoes are made with lightweight material and designed with absorbent fabric that will help you with your fast movements. The shoes are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Quite hot and trending on the boxing ring, these shoes look similar to that of high ankle boots but have a sportier appearance and feel.

Benefits of Wearing Box Hog Plus Shoes 

The pros of wearing a box hog plus shoes are innumerable. Not only the shoes look trendy and are comfortable but also give the following advantages to the wearer.

  • Fast and agile movements are necessary while playing sports especially boxing. The box hog plus shoes make it easier to move faster in quick response.
  • It also absorbs the perspiration and the soft mesh helps in cooling the feet. This prevents the feet from slipping or losing grip and assists in quick knee movements as well.
  • The outer sole of these shoes is made with gum rubber. This provides the shoe with its required toughness as well as firm grip on the platform. You can easily wear the shoe for heavy sporting without wearing it off. The sole provides an elongated period of durability.
  • The soft fabric inside the shoes ensures that you get maximum protection from shoe bites. Apart from that, such fabric can provide you utmost comfort and they can prevent the germs or bacterial infections.
  • The variability in the sizes makes sure that the box hog plus shoes are a comfortable fit for every type of feet. 

What are the Features of Box Hog Plus Shoes? 

Being a sports shoe that can be worn anytime for both casual and sports purposes give the shoes an edge over the other shoes. Also, the design and style of the shoe make it popular with the boys. Here is a look at the features of the box hog plus shoes.

  • The mesh upwards is single layers and left open for better climate control as well as ventilation.
  • The longevity and the comfort are maintained with overlaying of synthetic-suede in the shoes.
  • The shoe is made up of lightweight material so as to put as less weight on the feet as possible.
  • The ankle and heel are stabilized with strong yet soft support with a cushioned mesh.
  • The insides of the shoe are also cushioned specially to add more support as well as comfort.
  • For the middle part of the shoes, EVA midsoles are used to provide more cushioning and make the shoe light.

All the Box Hog Plus Shoes are available in the stores so pick the one you like. The comfort level of the shoes is quite high and you can wear it both inside the ring and outside it.

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