Beauty Trends No One Wants to See In 2017

Trends are trends, we don’t look at them as fads. We like to follow them like crazy. While some tend to live longer due to their surreal effect on the masses, others are so awful that they should die as soon as possible. 2016 saw some magical beauty trends and some not so good ones too.

Don’t hop on them. They may have attracted attention this year, but weren’t appreciated much and hence should stay out of sight in 2017.

Neck contouring
Contouring looks nice on the face, but on the neck not so much. It is actually a bummer. Good for those whose neck skin is sagging due to old age, but not everybody is required to follow suit.

Furry Nails
Glitter was fine. Nail art was fine too, though some took it too extreme levels. But what is this obsession with fur? Are we humans or furry animals? Don’t scare people away. The nails are troublesome everywhere- restroom, shower, while eating and above all the maintenance. Yes, if you wanna scare your bae, go for it.

Unicorn eyeliner
Unicorns on eyes certainly don’t deserve to be existing. More frustrating than the trend itself is the crazy level people have taken unicorn drawings to. If you don’t want yourself to be compared to mythical characters, stay away!

Colored Freckles
Always saw women hunting for remedies to get rid of freckles on the face. But this trend is downright ghastly. Looks like small polka dots. Polka dots look good on the fabrics, not on the face. Men hate it, women too find it crazy. Don’t believe me, see your mother’s reaction.

Colored/Glittery Hair
I have seen women hunting for smartphones in this color. It looks feminine, so there is nothing wrong getting crazy for it. But of late they have started matching their phones to their hair color.  Same applies to glitter on the hair. Glittery braids too have taken to the fashion scene. Let’s admit they look bad. Good for the runway, but otherwise run away from such trends.

Overdone Eyebrows
Why does one need to paint the eyebrows? Please let your brows be as natural as possible. As much as we love nicely groomed eyebrows we don’t want to ruin our face with that trend. Sometimes imperfection looks more enchanting than something being made to look perfect. So, say bye to fleek eyebrows now.

Claw nails
Reminds me of cat paws. I find it scary and so do a lot of people. Classic shapes like square or oval are more practical and look great. Don’t get intrigued by the stiletto shape, it will eventually make your hands useless. The pain of having hands and still not being able to use them efficiently is really more painful.

Too Plumpy lips
A little fullness looks good, but too much is too bad. On some it might even look like a result of an insect bite or even worse domestic violence. So, why paint a fake picture? Let your lips remain real, nothing would make them look more seductive.

Did I miss out something you think is unworthy of making to the beauty trends of 2017, say it below.

Sloane Beck is a skin expert by profession. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with people. She lives and breathes fashion which reflects in her brand – Dermology, skin care products. She regularly contributes her write ups to health or skin care related websites and blogs. “Live, laugh, and let your style be expressed” is her motto for life.

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