When we look back on the year, we can probably say with confidence that 2016 was all about contouring, matte lipstick and glitter roots. Forward-thinking trendsetters will already be looking to the year ahead, so if you’re curious, this is what you can expect to be doing and wearing in 2017. Things are about to get a lot more high tech, while also allowing us to simplify some of our most tiresome routines. Intrigued? Read on…

Bright Makeup

The runways this Winter were full of bold makeup colours, from rainbow eyes to unconventional lip colours. This will build on last year’s trend of having glitter on everything and allow women to express their personalities in unicorn hues.

Blunt Hairstyles

It’s time to grow out those good girl layers and go for a blunt cut. This can work well with long and short hairstyles, and blunt bangs are a great way to update your look for the new year. A word of warning, blunt haircuts will need a little more upkeep, so be prepared to head to the salon for regular trims.

Electrical Health and Beauty

The gadgets you use are about to become just about as important as the creams you use. We all know about the Clarisonic, but next year we’re going to have to get comfortable with zapping, pulsing and smoothing away our biggest skin concerns using various gadgets.

A Return To Natural Looking Dental Work

The Miss America, brilliant white veneers look is finally on its way out. Next year, you can expect to be pushed towards more natural looking teeth thanks to the rise in demand for cosmetic dentistry. Everyone and their nan is getting their natural teeth straightened, whitened and generally improved. Go to a reputable private dentist and you can be sure to be steered away from anything too garish.

Cosmetic Surgery Advice From Social Media

The cosmetic surgery boom has finally spilled over onto social media, and it’s now more acceptable than ever to discuss any work that you might have had done, or are planning to have done. The rise of hashtags like #rhinoplastyjourney have helped to open up the conversation and helps patients to demand better care from their surgeons. Hopefully, this will lead to a decrease is cosmetic surgery negligence claims in 2017.

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