Beauty Timeline – Your Monthly Wedding Preps

The big day is a year away, so you have plenty of time, right? Well… if you really want results that will knock you off your feet, you’ll have to sit down and make a list of beauty priorities right away. What is it about your appearance that you’d want to touch up on or improve? We advise considering physical activity, face and skin care, hair prep, dental treatments and makeup trials. Then, slowly start calling clinics and salons and get booking.

Nine months in

Somewhere between nine months and a year is the perfect time to start a skincare routine. At a time when commercials sell quick problem-solving treatments, we forget that it takes a long time – up to a few years to iron out the imperfections! Book a consultation to discuss your skin problems and solutions with an expert. They will find the best plan for you and determine regular appointments at a clinic throughout the year.

Six months in

The gym

Unless you are already a gym regular, six to nine months is enough time to actually make a progress on areas of your body you find problematic. To achieve the best results (schedule allowing), do three visits a month, along with the appropriate changes to your diet. Not only will you have a drop dead figure, you’ll be ready to withstand the endurance course of the wedding day, what with all the photographing, running around, dancing and tending to the guests.

Hair care

The perfect time to introduce your hair care into the countdown is around five or six months. Book one to two sessions a month. First, you should know what you want on your important day, so they can help you plan out the rest: whether it’s setting down a new colour, employing scalp care, or growing out your bangs. Doing all this several months before preventa unpleasant hairdo surprises at the last minute.


Laser hair removal is normally pricey and takes a few sessions over a few months… but boy, is it worth the trouble. You deserve perfectly smooth skin, and you shouldn’t worry if your shaving or epilating skills will be good enough the day before the wedding.


Start de-stressing ASAP. In addition to practicing self-care at home, book at least massage therapy every month, as wedding planning can get hectic. No amount of skin care and hair treatment will help if you look tired and worn out from exhaustion. That’s where two-hour massage sessions will undoubtedly help.

Three months in

A glowing smile

Now this is where a truly radiant bride stands out from all the rest. A bright white smile full of healthy teeth simply projects confidence, and you’ll feel more beautiful.And the time gap leaves room enough for any major procedures, like making dentures or extractions, that require some recovery time. Experienced dentist, like the ones at Penrith Dental Clinic will know how to use those three months to help you achieve great teeth and gum health.

Mani and pedi

To save some budget, you can totally do your manicure and pedicure at home. Include it as a part of your self-care routine, where you can meditate over calming care for your nails. Treat your cuticles, try out different nail shapes and colors, and play around what fits your style the best.

One month in


For those who feel especially thorough, one month is more than enough to do several treatments of spray tanning. Opt to do this one with an expert, instead of alone, as they can achieve that perfect skin glow and avoid creases or scattered marks in hard-to-reach places.

Lock your looks

As a short sidenote, by now you should have decided on the hairstyle and had it pampered enough to ensure it’s healthy and strong for the big day. You should also know what makeup you’re going with, and your skin care routine (if you were adamant) made for a good, healthy canvas for the makeup artist.

The week before

Use this time to destress and unwind. Any and all bookings to experts and stylists should be in case of an emergency. Continue to care for your looks at home and allow your body to unwind from the treatments. Devote this week to your mental health and practice mindfulness and deep breathing in case things start to overwhelm you.


We won’t talk about your wedding day, because that’s when the prep is over. All you have to do is think about the amazing day ahead. You treated your body and mind a year in advance, and now you get to reap the rewards. Starting at least nine months in advance is bound to take a lot of stress off your shoulder, and you’ll see it yourself.

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