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Beauty and Wellness Expert in just a Year - Likeitgirl

Many people have underestimated the beauty and wellness industry.  They think it is just a luxury and unnecessary in people’s lives. But various studies and analyses on people’s behaviour show that taking care of your exterior appearance also affects your health.

Becoming a beauty and wellness expert is not as easy as it seems. To be an expert in this industry, you need to take a one-year course called an expert. Some institutions offer beauty therapy courses and teach their students proper training in rendering beauty and wellness services to people. 

What are the possible careers after taking up beauty therapy courses?

The career options after taking up this course are endless. You can either put up your salon, beauty centre wherein you can supervise everything, or be employed to get more experience in this industry. But here are the four most common career paths that students pursue after taking this course:

  • Beauty Therapist

When you take up this course, they will train you in various beauty techniques and widen your nutrition and health background to properly address your customers’ needs. Becoming a beauty therapist requires a lot of patience, for you will be dealing with different personalities and types of people. You can either get employed by a salon, beauty centre or be an on-call beauty therapist. But it would be best to explore and get experience first before being independent (it can help you create a market and make a name for yourself too).

  • Beauty blogger or writer

On this career path, you don’t need to expose yourself too much to get employed. What needs to be improved is your ability to communicate with several brands. What you need to do is provide your audience with helpful beauty information. It is also important to be careful and honest in releasing content, reviews and product suggestions. Who knows you can be the next most influential beauty blogger in the future?

  • Beauty Sales Representative

These people are usually seen in beauty sections in malls like Sephora, MAC and many more. They are the ones attending to the customers’ concerns. They give out suggestions, recommendations and even figure out your skin types and shades if you don’t know it. Customers often disregard sales representatives, but they should know that their beauty opinions are credible because they know it more than you do. 

  • Makeup Artist

Many people don’t know that graduates of the beauty and therapy courses can also become makeup artists (because there are makeup schools that offer this course specifically). With the knowledge you have acquired regarding health, beauty and improving wellness – you can also apply these to becoming a makeup artist. Along with learning beauty therapy techniques, you will also learn different healthy facts that can affect the skin and body. 

Be beautifully knowledgeable 

Beauty and wellness are an integral part of maintaining your sanity. People should know by now that this industry isn’t a luxury. Let it become your breather – a healthy habit that’ll keep you relaxed from a tiring day of work. Do you think you have what it takes to be an ally of relaxation? Browse the courses and sign up now. Explore and break the limit.

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