Beauty and Makeup Advice for Contact Lens Wearers

Whether you are a new contact lens wearer or an experienced one, there are some practical questions about them that need to be answered. In this article, we are going to focus on beauty, hair and makeup dos and don’ts.

However, before we continue, you have to remember three very important things. First, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before putting your lenses in – your fingers have to be 100 percent clean. Avoid using oily, fragranced or dyed products, and even lotions that can adhere to them.

Second, make sure you put your contacts in before applying your makeup to avoid transferring makeup (which can cause discomfort and even infections) from your fingers to your contacts.

Third, if you suffer from allergies or tend to wear eye makeup daily, you can avoid the majority of infections if you use disposable, one-time-use contacts lenses. This way, you will minimize the chances of pollen, debris and makeup buildups on your lenses.

Now, it is time to move on to what you’re here for. Take notes.

Choosing the right makeup and applying it

Follow these tips if you want to get the best out of your beauty routine as a contact lens wearer.

Eye makeup

There are many things you need to keep an eye on (pun intended) when choosing the right makeup. First of all, you need to look for eye makeup products that are oil-free, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free so you don’t irritate your eyes. The mascara as well as your eyeliner should be waterproof so they don’t smudge or flake, and avoid lash building fibers because those fibers can damage your lenses. False eyelashes, as well as eyelash extensions, are a no-no since the glue can easily irritate your eyes and extensions can easily fall into your eye or flip inside-out and poke your eye.

Finally, if your eyes are swollen, red or infected, forget about putting makeup or lenses that day.

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When choosing a foundation, opt for the one that is water-based because the cream-based is more likely to leave a film on your lenses. Instead of a loose powder, opt for a pressed one and make sure you don’t apply it to the area that is close to your eyes and keep them closed while applying it. The same goes for blush and highlighter – keep your eyes closed while applying them.

Makeup hygiene

You have to take very good care of your makeup. First of all, make sure you use quality brushes that won’t shed bristles that can get into your eyes. Second, avoid sharing your makeup at all costs – this is the easiest way to pass eye infections. Finally, make sure you keep your makeup in clean and tightly closed containers and replace it regularly to keep it hygienic and fresh.

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Removing the makeup

Even when removing makeup, you need to take good care of both your contact lenses and your eyes. Before doing anything, wash your hands thoroughly and dry them. After that, remove your contacts carefully and avoid bringing them near makeup. After that part is done, you are allowed to use eye makeup remover.

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P.S. Make sure your makeup remover is hypoallergenic and oil-free.


Yes, even the improper hair care can damage your lenses. If you are dyeing or perming your hair, make sure you take your lenses out, since the chemicals can easily irritate your eyes. The same goes for hairspray – use it before putting your contact lenses in, or, if they’re already in, keep your eyes closed while spraying your hair and a few seconds afterwards. Finally, when blow drying your hair, blink as frequently as you possibly can, in order to prevent both your lenses and your eyes from drying.

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If you follow these tips, your contact lenses won’t get in the way of your beauty routine ever again. As a matter of fact, they will help you show off your natural beauty, as well as your makeup, unlike glasses that are nothing but an encumbrance.


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