Beautiful Weddings: Five Top Tips for Successful Outdoor Weddings

“I dreamed a wedding of elaborate elegance. A church filled with family and friends. I asked him what kind of wedding he wished for. He said one that would make me his wife.” –Author Unknown

Outdoor weddings are arguably the best and most aesthetic way to celebrate your union and nuptials with your just-wedded partner. After all, outdoor weddings present you with a unique opportunity of having to cut down costs when it comes to wedding décor and backdrops as the scenery itself would already provide you with the much needed romantic and magical ambiance and atmosphere. All you would really need to do is add a few personal touches and you would have a beautifully set up wedding sans the exorbitant costs on decors and aesthetics.

For this reason, quite a lot of couples would opt to hold an outdoor wedding. Unfortunately, while outdoor weddings are fabulous, it presents quite some unique challenges with bad weather conditions being just one of them. However, there are tips and tricks in ensuring that everything goes according to plan. So before you book that ideal outdoor wedding venue and hire wedding catering services, take a gander at this list first for some tips and techniques:

  1. Pick the right time of the year

When it comes to ensuring your outdoor wedding would have ideal weather conditions, picking the perfect time of the year is paramount. It is a vital consideration as it would be indicative of the kind of weather you would have and whether it would be possible to hold the ceremony and reception outside. After all, you cannot expect to be blissfully wedded under a torrential rain and during an inclement weather. Similarly, you cannot choose a date wherein the heat gets unbearably hot as well as you r wedding guests would be stewing in their outfits. Once you have a date nailed down, try to monitor the weather. Provide cooling items such as fans and refreshments if the weather gets far too hot.

    1. Make sure that there is available shelter

Regardless of what the weather is like, it is imperative for you to provide a shelter for your guests. This can either be in the form of an indoor place where they can relax and unwind for a while or a makeshift one with the use of a tent with the essentials inside. The latter can be in the form of a marquee where all you would ready need to do is dress it up with flowers, candles and lights. Alternatively, you can also pepper your venue with gazebos where your guests can rest depending on the size and budget of your wedding.

  1. Make use of alternative lighting options

Providing that your venue has tall trees and lush greenery all around, give the verdant atmosphere an even more magical feel by installing fairly-lights on pathways or hanging lanterns above tables. Make the trees come to life by dressing up their boughs with various kinds of lights. If you are having a beach wedding, light up the pathway with torches. Apart from giving your venue that much needed illumination, it also keeps the bugs away.

  1. Utilize painted wooden signs

If you want to give your wedding venue that rustic feel, put up wooden signs. They can have the dual function of being informative as well as decorative. You can use them to direct guests to various spots in your wedding venue or simply write love quotes in them. Station them in different areas of your wedding venue and deck them with floral wreaths and arrangements.

  1. Decorate with wreaths


 Wreaths are perfect for outdoor weddings. Use dried or fresh flowers arranged into a straw and grapevine wreath to give your wedding venue a sophisticated and elegant touch. As they come in different colors, shapes and sizes, your styling and decoration options are virtually limitless. Moreover, they can be used in a lot of ways—from serving as a great centerpiece or candle holder to a crowning a flower girl’s head.

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