Beautiful Weddings 101: The Biggest and Hottest Wedding Trends

“Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.”-Author Unknown

 It has been a well-known and received fact that in order for your wedding to stand out, you have to incorporate personal details that would make it distinct and unique. However, there is also no harm done in adapting to the times and choosing the contemporary route when it comes to wedding design rudiments and aspects. In this regard, soon-to-be-wed couples would select from various popular wedding trends and would just integrate personal elements to give it an inimitable character. While classic and traditional weddings styles remain as tried and tested formulas for beautiful weddings, there is a subtle charm in taking a much different route for yours. Much like how fashion evolves and changes each year, wedding trends would also transform and develop. With limitless and prolific options available, some couples would find it a bit of a challenge to select just one that would suit their fancy.

Fortunately, with visual bookmarking app juggernauts Pinterest and Instagram taking the world by storm, couples are given a better avenue and convenient access to seeing trend inspirations for their own weddings. From quirky wedding catering packages to unique party favors and decors, here are some of the most prominent wedding trends:

1.)    Unique Invitations

There is something about distinctive and exceptional invitations that would make wedding guests more receptive to attending your wedding. Instead of giving them the generic invitation card, hand them something a little more different—a precursor to your wedding if you may. Give them a glimpse of what they can expect during your big day and entice them to come. If you truly wish to give your guests something to be excited about then swap out paper invitations with something that stands out. Items such as Plexiglass invites, glow in the dark ink or even a compact disk of you and your partner inviting them to the wedding would make them look forward to the day you finally tie the knot.

 2.)    The Gift Station

 In lieu of packing individual thank you or warming gifts for each of your wedding guests, save time by handing out a deconstructed welcome bag instead. Perfect for destination weddings, a gift station is basically lading out all the essentials in one area and having your guests pick whatever they want. Set a particular area up with items such as snacks, local treats, and some drinks and have your guest choose their favorite things. Ensure that you put a cap and maximum limit to what they can take though as you would not want one guest to be hogging all the supplies.

 3.)    Asking for what you really want

 Although somewhat seen as an audacious move, there are incredible merits to genuinely asking your guests for what you want to get as a gift. After all, a gift that is well received is way better than a gift that would just end up collecting dust in one of your shelves. So, if you have wanted anything—from cash to gym memberships, do not hesitate in asking for it. Alternatively, if you and your partner feel like you already have everything you need to embark on your new wedded life, then ask your guests to make a donation to your favorite charity under your name. Although there is nothing wrong about having a classic register that asks for cooking ware and espresso machines, you can definitely upgrade that to something that is a bit more inclusive.

 4.)    Metallic Dresses and Breezy Silhouettes

What was once seen as boring and dull colors for weddings has now been considered as the dominant color scheme and motif for most modern weddings. Sparkly gowns, one that is embellished with silver and gold beadings are excellent for making your way down the aisle. Similarly, the ball gown is making a huge comeback as well and is seen in most weddings—whether formal and informal. After all, there is something about weddings that would make a bride feel like a princess. So, it is only appropriate for her to feel like one. 

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