The most important day in the life of a woman is her wedding day. She has been dreaming about that day since the first day she heard about the wedding. She gathers every information on the present wedding trends so that when her time comes, she’d be ready to make her wedding perfect and beautiful. When she reaches the age to marry, when the word wedding comes into her mind, she starts thinking about how she looks in her wedding dress while walking down the aisle.

When the time actually comes, she spends most of her time searching for a perfect wedding dress. That’s how important a wedding dress is for a woman. Keeping that in mind, let us now talk about the present wedding dress trend that drew the attention of millions of women around the world and one can get various options using Myntra Promo Codes.


Not all brides are the same, some are romantic, some are daring, and some love traditional. For a romantic bride, all she needs is a dress that brings out her beautiful, gentle and loving side. To satisfy those needs, fashion designers have come up with these ideas.

  • Floral: As they say, women are like flowers, gentle and pure. So, what better way is there to present a bride at her wedding than in a wedding dress with a floral design? However the design may be, be it a simple flower or, with vines or, multi-colored, the design just brings out the beauty of the dress and shows the gentle and soft nature of the bride.
  • Ruffled style: Combining beauty with comfort, the new ruffle design hits the market with a bang. Considering its flexibility to look absolutely gorgeous on any kind of dress, be it a saree or a simple top, ruffled style is rocking the wedding world and stealing the hearts of everyone.
  • Daring: Present situations considered, everyone wants to be a rebel, they love to challenge the rules, erase the lines. Considering these aspects of a woman, the fashion designers worked very hard and crossed many lines, thinking like a rebel and created these surprisingly beautiful dresses.
  • Crossovers: The present trend that’s erasing the line between men and women wear is the crossover dresses, dresses like sari draped on Bandhgala style blouse or caped dresses, proving that gender-based dresses are a thing in the past. Furthermore, these dresses are catching the eyes of the public and impressing them with their androgynous style, making them perfect to be worn for a wedding.
  • Hybrids: Combination of two or more dresses to make an ecstatic new dress to revolutionize the wedding fashion industry. A hybrid between Lehenga and a Gown has brought more beauty to the bride wearing it. Bringing out the simplicity of a Lehenga and the modern beauty of a gown, this beauty has stolen the hearts of the viewers.


For women who want to show their traditional side and yet want to keep up with the present trend in wedding wear, fashion designers have an amazing solution.

  • Handlooms: The brides around the world are going crazy about the handloom designs that are available in the market. The purity of the cloth and the simple elegant design of the dresses weaved by hand, making them exquisite and lovely to wear for the bride.
  • Saree: Nothing can go wrong with a saree, and nothing says traditional like a saree. The world has forgotten the beauty of a saree, but now, the sarees made an amazing comeback and stole the hearts of everyone. The bride wearing a beautiful saree catches the eyes of every guest, making the bride look majestic, and timid at the same time.


A wedding is a long and straining task. Being in a dress that is heavy becomes tough for the bride, making the most beautiful and memorable day into a burden. As a solution, the fashion designers came up with a few wedding dress designs that are easy to wear and catch the eyes of the beholder.

  • One with nature: Destination wedding has become more popular in the present world, based on the destination, the choice of the dress changes. Fashion designers have come up with an idea to make dresses that reflect the nature and that are also eco-friendly to please the brides. Wear a dress that brings out the true you, not the one that pleases the audience, because it is your day, and you’re the queen.
  • Light as a feather: With advancement in the material field, the fashion designers have found an absolutely light as a feather material to make the wedding dresses for the brides. Combining comfort, lightweight and fashion, the designers have made an amazing effort in making the day beautiful again. Considering these features, the brides are showing more and more interest in these designs and you can get various options by using Amazon Coupon Code.


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