Bearded Dragon Third Eye Facts 2020

Do they have a third eye ?

If you are reading this article you might be wondering, do bearded dragons have a third eye? Your answer might be no because you own a bearded dragon but you never saw it. However bearded dragons do have a third eye. It does not look like the other two eyes. It is a grey dot located at the center of

Your bearded dragons head. This third eye is also present in most reptile’s fish and amphibians. Examples are anoles skinks and for amphibians there are frogs.

What the third eye is and how it works?

As you all know now that bearded dragons have a third eye, let’s find out what it is and how it works. Bearded dragons have a third eye also known as the perennial eye and solar eye. This perennial eye does not work like the other two eyes. It is an organ which detects light rather than visualizing images. It is located at the top of the head. It does not look like a normal eye. It looks as if an eye is yet to be developed.

Because it has no eyelid and does not contact the brain with the same process the other eyes do. This why some people say that why is it even termed eye if you can’t see in the first place. The third eye is also covered with a transparent scale which gives additional protection against the dangerous environment.

How it works?

This organ assists with hormone production and regulation and as well as other processes in a beardie’s body. This eye is also a component of the epitheliums. And the pineal gland is also a component of it which takes the responsibility for hormone regulation. The third eye is also a detector of light which directly gives impact on the hormone levels.

With the help of light detector eye, they can also dictate whether it’s day or night or even which season is currently taking place. This solar eye is way much cooler for bearded Dragons out in the wild. If you ever put your hand over your bearded dragon. To pet it will suddenly spike out and panic.

They do this because a shadow is casted over their third eye. Similarly, in the wild when big animals are trying to crush the bearded dragon they can save themselves easily. Same is the case with predators. When predators come to catch bearded Dragons especially bird predators, the sudden difference in light with the help of the solar eye alerts them.

Does this help them navigate?

Bearded dragons are a genus of reptiles containing eight lizard species which are also known as “Pogonas”. These intuitive animals are one of nature’s most exceptional species to be discovered. What you may be wondering is that what makes them so extraordinary?

Well the answer relies upon the creature’s most distinctive capability, featuring what is most often known as the “third eye”. It’s called a parietal eye and it appears on the skull between the eyes. This allows them to see shadows and light changes with it.

It also has been said that bearded dragons can make use of their partial eye as a compass to make their way back home into the wild. Which is a phenomenal strategy for such a creature? Moreover the third eye may also be used to detect danger from any angle.

They can sense the light and shadow of the predator, alas using the info to navigate their own way to safety! Putting other reptiles in mind, we can see what a sensational creature a bearded dragon really is!

Why bearded dragon owners should know about their third eye?

It is essential to know about your bearded dragon’s 3rd eye. As you now know that they can sense if a shadow is casted. So if you pet your bearded dragon from above, it will block the light which will be reaching its perennial eye. Instead, pick your bearded dragon by its belly and make sure his legs are balanced on your hands. you might notice when you approach your bearded dragon while running, It panics. and now you know why it panics.

it is best to approach your pet steadily so you don’t scare it away. And always keep your hand ahead your beardies face so that there are less chances for it to leap of your hand. that’s why you should not buy fish tanks as their enclosures. try only buying their big size terrariums With side doors. these are the reasons why you should know about their third eye. These reasons taught you how you can decrease their mental trauma but there are also some cases where you can harm your bearded dragon eye without knowing.

Their third eye is covered with a transparent scale above it. You should keep toxic chemicals away from the tank. this can damage all the eyes. All eyes can also be damaged if UVb lights are not given proper distance which is 6 to 12 inches away from your bearded dragon. You will be lights should come with a chart describing the right amount of distance and other important factors. Bearded dragon owners should also install a meter which is slightly expensive but will tell if the radiation of light is high or low. If too much heat is given by the lights, then your bearded dragon can even burn. You should install a meter even if it’s expensive. A bearded dragon is a pet worth spending on.

Can I pet my beardie ?

You might be thinking that you cannot pet your beardie anymore because it can harm it’s eye but as said before their third eye is protected with a scale which protects the eye always so no need to  be scared. You can pet it as you like but don’t forget to always approach it appropriately.

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