Basics You Need in Your Closet

It is not uncommon for drawers and closets to be filled to the brim with all kinds of treats and treasures that we have picked up from an online haul, after a last-minute dash to the mall for an evening outfit, or with some questionable items you have been gifted from your elderly auntie that you wear once a year to make her smile.

As a result of having these unique and magical collections, sometimes it can feel overwhelming to choose anything to wear. We can often stare at piles and piles of clothes and believe that we have “nothing to wear,” despite the overwhelming evidence in front of us.

But don’t worry! There is a simple way to overcome this overwhelming feeling—and it is to add more clothes. (No, that is not a joke.)

To make better use of the variety of clothes you already have, the basics should be the foundations. This piece will discuss a few of the basics of what you need in your closet in order to create any outfit for any event!

Easy-to-Wear Jeans

Denim stands the test of time, doesn’t it? This material has an impressive shelf life both material- and fashion-wise. Because of this, you cannot go wrong investing in a good pair of jeans. Jeans are the ultimate trouser that you can both dress up and dress down, and they are welcome as part of an outfit almost anywhere, aside from maybe some workplaces and weddings.

If you already have jeans in your closet, separate them out, get to know them, and keep them in a specific place for easy access!

The Crisp, White Tee

T-shirts themselves are an ultimate staple, and unless you are required to wear shirts or dresses 24/7, you probably have plenty of them. A crisp, white tee certainly screams elegance and effortless style, but make sure to choose great quality on basic t shirts womens to ensure that they last!

The Versatile Tank Top

Speaking of essential wardrobe tops, the tank is definitely another one to have to hand. With the weather changing faster than our mood this year, the tank top is one of the most versatile tops to have on hand. They are brilliant for keeping us warm under our clothes, for when the weather gets a little warmer than expected, and for layering too, such as wearing under a slip dress.

These bad boys pretty much go with anything, so whether you want to wear one with sweatpants and get comfy, or dress one up with layered necklaces, jeans, and heels – the options are endless.

Leggings Are Life

Leggings are great, aren’t they? These stretchy little numbers are comfortable to wear any day or time of the week, for almost any activity, and they are also relatively inexpensive for how many outfits you can get out of them!

They are not just for the gym! You can use them under jeans to keep warm, under t-shirt dresses to provide an extra layer of coverage, just as they are, or even to bed—just pair them with a tank top for a quick set of comfy pyjamas.

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