Bali – A Perfect Destination for Active Holiday

Active holiday is not only a healthy activity but also one that will make your travels more interesting. However, a perfect destination is the one that lets you try all the options and Bali is just the right place for that. So when taking a break from sunbathing on magical Bali beaches and shopping at the market, try some of the activities that also makes this island one of the most attractive destination in the world.

  1. Choose day cruising for an active holiday

An exotic place like Bali simply inspires people to go on a bigger adventure like day cruising trip. There are many tours where you can ride on the catamaran and see the spectacular open sea around the islands. Go on a cruise to visit Nusa Penida and spend a day exploring marine life surrounding it and experience the traditional life of the Balinese village.  

If you are an experienced sailor, rent a catamaran for your group and have fun diving and swimming, while one of you barbeques on the deck. Go to Nusa Lembongan Island and take a break overlooking the magnificent limestone cliffs of the peninsula. If you want to see whales and dolphins, there is a cruise for that as well near the Lovina Beach.

  1. Don’t miss yoga

Yoga is everywhere and you will meet some of the best practitioners in Bali. Try Yoga Barn in Ubud and Apneista Freediving & Yoga in Amed for classes since these are the most famous yoga places in Bali. Many hotels already have yoga instructors on staff so you can practice it on your terrace or by the pool as well.

Yoga is quite the experience in Bali. Classes are usually accompanied by live music and the last one and a half hours. You can choose different yoga styles based on their difficulty and you will be welcomed in classes even if you are a beginner.

  1. Try white water rafting

Water rafting on the Ayung River, the longest one in Bali is one of the very popular activities for tourists. The river is full of vortexes, natural ramps and drops with 33 rapids you have to overcome. The landscapes around Ayung are sites to remember with wild animals appearing here and there. Black monkeys, magpies and big bats are some of the animals you may encounter on this journey.  

On the other hand, Telaga Waja rafting is more exciting adventure appropriate for beginners and inexperienced rafters. You will go down the fast river overlooking rice fields, rainforest and waterfalls while the last thing on your way is a four-metre high jump at Bajing dam.

  1. Go surfing

If you decide to learn how to surf, you will really have one of the most memorable times of your life.  Canggu Beach is one of the most famous places in Bali to learn how to surf. You can rent an awesome Bali Canggu accommodation and easily find transportation to the beach from there. You will see from afar what kind of waves are waiting for you in the water and experienced instructors will have you ruling the waves at Old Man’s reef in no time.

If you find Canggu too hard, try surfing in Sanur and its more peaceful waters. Uluwatu is also a popular surfing spot, while Keramas is considered to have the best waves. If you are a beginner, listen to your instructors and don’t start with a hard spot right away, but work your way to it.

  1. Become a seawalker

If you ever wanted to walk on the sea, then Bali is a perfect place to try this activity. It’s perfect for divers and non-divers so you don’t have to worry about any diving classes to go on this adventure. The walks use special helmets connected to the oxygen tank on the boat above so you will have a constant supply of air.

The best places to try seawalking is in Sanur and  Tanjung Benoa. Every walk lasts for around 30 minutes and you will be able to see amazing rock formations and different tropical fish. Sometimes, a whole swarm of fish would gather around the seawalkers and play with them.  


Whatever you choose in Bali, you won’t be wrong. This province is a perfect destination for an active holiday and you will book more than just 10 days in this tropical paradise. No matter what activity you choose and how experienced you are, you will be able to participate thanks to some local training schools.


Therefore, before you leave for Bali, make a list of all the activities you want to try and have a great holiday in this enchanting place.

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