Backyard Getaway: Create Your Own Personal Oasis

No matter how cozy and relaxing your home is, having an unattractive backyard will keep you from reaching true calmness and unique opportunity for rejuvenation. Unless you have the chance to spend a lot of time in nature, the next best thing is to relax and reflect in the privacy of your well-designed and quiet backyard. It is the perfect place to revel in silence and calming atmosphere after a long day at work or any turmoil of daily life. Having a place for a getaway is priceless, so put some effort and turn your neglected and uninviting backyard into an oasis.

Choose calming colors

Although vibrant colors can be quite uplifting and effective, stick to natural and earthy tones that will create serene and soothing atmosphere. The monochromatic palette will rest your eyes and keep your focus on greenery. However, if you happen to like a splash of bright color, then use colorful accessory, but try not to go overboard. Keep in mind that most flowers come in fabulous colors so include this natural decoration. Your getaway place should be a place of calm, so use neutral colors that will go well with anything else.

Consider a water feature

Many people listen to the sound of ocean waves, rain or running water while meditating or when trying to sleep. It is because our brain recognizes these sounds as a non-threatening, therefore tremendously calming. Include a small fountain to keep your backyard fresh even on the hot summer days and wash away all your worries with the sound of water. If there is enough space in your backyard, you can install a small waterfall, since nothing can settle the whirling thoughts like the healing sight and lovely sound of water.  

Set up a comfortable patio

There is no decent oasis without a place to sit and relax in the shade, so make sure to add some comfortable furniture like lounge chairs or even a sofa. It is a place where you are supposed to spend pleasurable time, so add everything you may need for a few hours of undisturbed rest. Look for a good patio roofing to protect you from the sun or rain. As for privacy, patio pergolas in Sydney became quite popular, especially for small backyards in urban areas since they block the view from nearby buildings.

Create a garden path

If your backyard is big enough to plant a few trees, shrubs and flowers, then put a little more effort to build a lovely garden path. It will allow you to walk through the garden and appreciate it from different angles, while it will look neater. Make a path that will lead to the hidden area where you can place an old-fashioned garden bench and create a secret spot for intimacy and relaxation. Having a garden means having endless options on how to make it more charming.

Add some lights

To make evening hours even better, include some outdoor lighting that will make your garden look fabulous and magical. Whether lanterns or something DIY, aim for the warm and inviting glow. Make the best out of the fairy lights and hang them on the trees. You can place them around the shrubs or even on the ground and rest assured that your backyard will look like a place from a fairy tale.


Those who are fortunate enough to have a backyard, have a unique opportunity to step out of this chaotic world into their private pocket of nature. Shutting down the rest of the world comes so naturally when you are in a cozy and pleasant environment and not to mention that spending time outdoors is beneficial in so many ways. Since already privileged, go an extra mile to make the best of it and invest your time and creativity to make a real sanctuary out of your backyard.

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