Baby Sleep Regression: Tips, Signs, and When It Happens

This article will cover all the aspect related to sleep regression. What is baby sleep regression and tips, signs when it happens?

When you hear the word sleep regression or regression, it feels like a nightmare. Every parent has to face this period as it is not something you can stop or avoid.

8 month sleep regression is one of the most common regression that occurs in babies. But one can learn how to tackle and survive during the whole cycle.

So in this article you will get all the required information about it.

What is Baby Sleep Regression?

The regression is a time where the sleeping patterns get irregular. You baby who used to sleep sound at nights will now turn into a moody one. It would become harder to control them and putting them to sleep. The naps become shorter, hunger increases and a lot more.

Babies grow at a fast rate and every day they learn various things. Their little minds are full of curiosity and distractions. After a long day your baby tend to fall in a deep slumber and it may be hard to wake them up.

Whereas they may also take short naps during the day. All this goes well until out of nowhere they wake up at nights and won’t go back to sleep.

The first regression or cycle change appears around 4 months. As they continue to grow and learn, the cycles keep repeating themselves.

Even you are familiar with all this, you may get annoyed at some time. But let’s admit that we also have been a baby and caused trouble for our parents.

 So let’s have some patience and provide them with extra care and love that they need.

When Does it Happen?

There is no fixed time for regressions as they vary among babies. As every baby has unique body and mind and capabilities. Hence the cycle also differs. It may occur during 4th, 8th, 11th or 18th month.

It can also go up to 2 years in some babies. When your baby’s body starts developing and learning then be ready for some tough time.

It takes real effort for them when they start crawling or try to sit up. So it is normal for them to get fussy later.

Signs of Regression

Though sudden awakening at night is the focal sign to know that the sleep cycle has shifted. Still, there are some reasons to ensure it is sleep regression and not some other issue.

  • The changes in their appetites are a key symptom. They will need proper feeding at this stage as their hunger has increased.
  • They will stay awake during nights. It gets hard to put them back to sleep once awake.
  • They get fussy and annoyed and start crying every now and then. On the other side, some babies turn clingy and need you around them all the time.
  • Your baby who used to sleep at day time will now stop doing it. The day naps will either turn shorter or seize all of sudden.

Tips for survival

Here are some basic tips to help you out.

  • Maintain a steady nap time and sleeping schedule of the baby. You can observe the patterns and then make one.
  • Match your own schedule with that of the baby as they need more love and care. You must be around them most of the time to take care and sooth them.
  • Feed them well. Keep their tummies full so that they have the energy. As most regressions occur during development period so they have an increased appetite.
  • If your baby cries a lot then use a pacifier. Develop a habit with them to use it so they can stay calm if you are not around.


If you feel or have any confusion, we are here to guide you. You are always welcome to clear out the doubts in your mind.

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