Avail Financial Coverage for Maternity Health Problems with Pregnancy Insurance

According to a report presented by the World Health Organisation (WHO), out of 5.36 lakh maternal deaths occurring globally every year, around 1.36 lakh occurs in India. This indicates a high maternity mortality ratio (MMR) in the early days. Nevertheless, India has witnessed a decline of 26.9% in maternal mortality ratio since 2013.

As per The Economic Times, MMR had declined from 167 in 2011-2013 to 122 in 2015-2017. This fall in MMR indicates the improved medical facilities for pregnant women in India and awareness amongst people about the importance of getting right and timely treatment for various pregnancy complications.

Such problems are unfortunate and need to be treated on time before they affect the mother and the baby. However, medical help comes along with hefty cost now a day and individuals can better aid themselves by equipping a financial coverage plan for such unwanted situations.

Individuals can opt for a pregnancy insurance policy and acquire financial benefits should they need it.

Acquiring such a plan will help the insured individual in availing financial coverage for various expenses accompanying the pregnancy complications.

What is covered in the insurance plan?

Since these plans come along with terms for coverage, individuals must look out for the extent of coverage the insurance company is providing them with.

These include –

1. Pre-hospitalisation expenses

A woman has to undergo multiple tests and evaluations before delivery. Medications and tests are suggested accordingly to ensure the individual’s health. These tests and medications can be expensive according to the type of treatment one has to undergo. Therefore, having a maternity insurance plan is a beneficial option.

Reputed insurance aggregator Bajaj Finserv provides the Pregnancy Complications Cover insurance plan under its Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions to help individuals avail monetary compensation in such cases.

2. Hospitalisation

The cost of hospitalisation may rise for those going for a C-section compared to normal delivery because of the added cost of surgery and hospital stay.

Hence, acquiring such a policy will provide financial coverage for the hospitalisation expenses. Moreover, anyone can save themselves from the unwanted financial loss caused due to medical emergencies and hospitalisation by availing a hospital cash cover insurance plan. This can be availed by any individual and will provide financial assistance to them should they need it.

3. Medication costs

Some of the best maternity health insurance also provides coverage for the medications suggested to them. Since a woman is suggested several medicines and nutrient supplements pre and post hospitalisation and birth, these can be a significant strain on one’s budget. Hence, it is wise to avail a policy that covers these costs as well, along with others.

4. Doctor’s fee

Individuals can also claim financial benefits for the physical examination of the insured as several financial companies cover doctor’s fee as well.

Benefits of pregnancy insurance policy

Apart from the financial coverage, at the time of unforeseen situations like pregnancy complications, this policy also facilitates customers with several other benefits that are mentioned below –

  • High sum insured – Insurance aggregators can provide coverage of up to Rs.50,000 to the insured customers should they need it. Also, the premium to buy such plans comes at a nominal price.
  • Several payment options – Individuals can pay the premiums hassle-free with multiple payment options as offered to them.
  • Easy claim procedure – Some insurance companies provide customers with easy to claim facilities so that they have to face a minimum of the hassle at times of emergency.

One needs to take care of their well-being during pregnancy as other hazards (anaemia, urinary infections, obesity, hypertension, etc.) may cause a severe impact on the health of the mother as well as the child. These complications can increase the risk involved with pregnancy and can cause substantial money for treatment.

Therefore, individuals with an infection cover insurance policy can avail financial coverage for the accompanying cost of treatment. Individuals will be better equipped to go through the financial expenses with an insurance plan in addition to having instant access to funds for the maternity health emergency.

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