If beaches are the very first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions Australia, you’re not alone! The coastal stretch of the entire Australian continent is so stunning that it makes you want to spend a lifetime exploring every nook and cranny, from the largest ports, to the smallest hidden alcoves. 

Now, even though visiting Australia now isn’t as simple as it was prior to the pandemic, we still hope the restrictions and the health crisis will ease up soon enough. With that in mind, perhaps one of the easiest and most practical ways to stay away from the crowds while exploring the coast is by boat. Here are a few coastal destinations in Australia to add to your travel list, no matter if you’re a local or coming from abroad after the pandemic.

Broome in WA

One of the reasons so many Aussies head to Broome for their own holidays is that it’s one of the most hard-to-reach places where the boat is your best bet. This means staying away from crowds and larger gatherings, but also unimpeded access to stunning beaches. 

What’s more, you’ll experience a beautiful, authentic indigenous culture here, as many local residents are descendants of pearl divers from the Philippines and Malaysia, creating a unique blend to shape their heritage. Hop over to Cable Beach, and make sure to see the famous Horizontal Falls

Broome, WA, Australia

Byron Bay in NSW

For Sydneysiders, the notion of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city in order to enjoy the slow-paced Byron Bay region is somewhat of a staple getaway. New Zealanders also often look for a similar experience, to see more than just the greatest metropolises in the neighbouring country. As the surfing mecca of NSW, alongside a couple of other spots, of course, Byron Bay offers quite a few dramatic cliffside views as well as mellow beaches for relaxation.

Instead of your typical road trip lasting upwards of 8 hours, you can rent a boat in Sydney and enjoy the majestic views all the way to Byron Bay. If you’re in the mood for an onshore excursion, there’s a wealth of restaurants you can check out, as well as nature reserves at your fingertips worth exploring during your stay. 

Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Bicheno in Tasmania

The humble little seaside town of Bicheno in Tasmania is perhaps one of your best choices if you’re in the mood for getting away from it all. Located on the east coast of Tasmania, the town grants you access to a few of the most charming locations nearby, such as Wineglass Bay. Even just floating along the coast means overlooking spectacular cliffs plunging into the ocean. 

On-shore adventures include hiking trails of various difficulties, fishing, but also diving to meet the local marine life. Keep your eyes peeled for the famous Tasmanian devils if you take one of those inland tours and explore the wilderness. 

Bicheno, Tasmania

Normanville in SA

Due to the immense popularity of NSW and its cities, Adelaide and other coastal gems of South Australia might be less well-known around the world. If you’re not from Adelaide, you might not have heard about Normanville at all, a coastal town brimming with lovely sand-covered beaches as well as versatile activities you can enjoy while there. 

Among many fun things you can do in Australia, Normanville offers horseback riding along the sunlit beach, beautiful vineyards to impress even the pickiest travellers, and snorkelling along the reef. You can also take your boat further and explore Cape Jarvis, or float your way to Kangaroo Island for added exploration. 

Normanville, SA, Australia

Sorrento in Victoria 

Just south of Melbourne, this little treasure trove of coastal beauty is your ideal getaway from Melbourne buzz when you’re craving some offshore adventuring. You can admire the port itself and the stunning beach that comes with it, but you can also take your boat to visit the wild beach nearby.

If you’re a local from Melbourne, and you’re eager to travel solo, this is one of the most laid-back trips you can take by boat and enjoy the local eateries, surfing, and even book swimming with dolphins. The friendly atmosphere and the historic architecture will help you unwind, while the alluring vistas will make for some great Insta-friendly photos, too.

Sorrento, Victoria, Australia

These are just a few that are worthy of your travel plans, but rest assured that you’ll find many additional pit-stops you’ll want to visit, especially if you decide to rent your own boat and determine your own itinerary. This will inspire your holidays in the future, too, so you’ll always find new spots along the Australian coastline to explore and discover new levels of appreciation for this mesmerizing country. 

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