Asus includes a surprisingly big lineup of Chromebooks, such as versions which are affordable and vibrant, in addition to premium layouts for company users. The company has a ruggedized version that could withstand a fall off the desk or even a cup of water poured on its own keyboard.

Let us have a deeper look to discover whether the excess dough is well worth it.

Listed below are the specifications of this Asus Chromebook Flip C302 I am assessing:

  • Design & Features

Touch typists will delight in using the Chromebook Flip C302’s computer keyboard. The keys have hardly any travelling, only 1.4 mm, making fast typing a long email or record a cinch. The touch-pad includes hands on rejection and reacts nicely to a tap or media. The conventional lined up Chrome OS shortcut keys for altering multitasking, brightness, hunt, and quantity controls line on the surface of the computer keyboard.

In the front to rear to the left side of this home is a speaker grille, 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, power switch, volume controls, plus a USB 3.1Type-C port. The ideal side provides another speaker grille, a microSD card reader along with yet another USB 3.1 Type-C port. The fantastic news about an all USB-C notebook is that either jack may be used for charging. The good thing is you will probably have to obtain a dongle or 2 to join a smartphone or outside screen to it.

Though the speakers are small and about the borders of this Chromebookthey pump out lots of noise and more importantly are from the way when using the Chromebook Flip C302 in tent or tablet style.

Yep, the hinges of this Chromebook Flip C302 fold 360-degrees, which makes it feasible to convert the twist into what amounts to a tablet computer, or you may set it into”tent manner” to binge YouTube videos. The hinges do a fantastic job holding the screen set up when in its different manners, but I really do wish they were marginally stiffer. While using the twist in normal notebook mode, the display wobbles as I type on the computer keyboard and it is distracting.

  • Software

The Chromebook Flip C302 supports the Google Play Store from the box, setting Android programs at your fingertips. Despite Google recently finishing Chrome programs, Chrome OS wasn’t changed and you are able to continue to utilize Chrome extensions or apps without any difficulty.

You are able to use tablet style in landscape or portrait style. The program recognizes if the keyboard is not available, displaying a touch computer keyboard on the display for text input.

With the majority of Android programs not entirely optimized for Chrome OS, utilizing the Chromebook Flip C302 for a tablet computer is something which you might end up doing a whole lot. It is like the Chromebook Flip is a part Chrome OS notebook, a part Android tablet. Plus it works quite nicely.

  • Performance

Powered by an Intel Core m3 chip, 64GB of all eMMC storage, and 4GB of memory that the spin is nicely equipped for many computing situations. Obviously, I would really like to see additional RAM to remove any possible performance hiccups, however, an increase in RAM could result in a rise in cost. Andwell, I am not so certain the Flip suffers considerably in the means of performance.

I would bet for many Chromebook users, 64GB of storage is greater than sufficient. Otherwise, a microSD card reader makes it effortless to bring some storage. Otherwise, there is always Google Drive. Speaking of that, Asus and Google will include 100GB of storage for a Google Drive account via the Chromebook promotions website.

To observe how the Flip fares I ran a couple of benchmarks on it, comparing people to another Chromebook we have examined; the similarly-priced Acer Chromebook 15.

I liked using the Flip C302 within my everyday life. It sensed zippy when leaping between programs and windows. At one stage, I’d way too many Chrome tabs available, and that I did not detect any lag or sluggishness much as I went back to tabs which had not been seen in a little while.

  • Battery Life

Asus includes a lofty promise of 10-hour battery lifetime to get its Chromebook Flip C302. Employing Geekbench 4.0’s battery evaluation, I pumped out 6 hours and 49 minutes. In real usage, nevertheless, I have been impressed with all the battery’s durability, especially if in standby mode. I have return into the Chromebook Flip C302 several times anticipating the battery to become almost emptied, just to discover it had hardly budged.

Based on the workload, I really don’t find any difficulties with almost obtaining a complete workday of usage from the notebook. It will not really get there, but it is going to be close.

  • Purchasing Guide

I really don’t have lots of negative things to say regarding this Asus Chromebook Flip C302 review. It’s a premium cost and its battery life did not really hit the mark I had expected, but that about sums up my gripes. On the other hand it provides almost the exact same functionality of Google’s Pixelbook for under half of the price. Add in fantastic portability, multiple form variables, loud speakers, sharp screen, and Android program support, there is a lot to enjoy here.

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