As I Am Double Butter Cream nourishes the roots of the hair and strengthens the outer layer with nourishing fatty acids. Healthy, shiny curls and full, healthy tresses – naturally. As I Am Double Butter Cream is a stimulating, power-packed natural moisturizing butter. Gives nourished, hydrated hair what it needs to appear and act its best. Improves the health of your curls and wavy hairs.

As I Am Double Butter Cream nourishes hair from root to tip and makes hair silky soft. It gives hair a soft feel while protecting it from heat. This helps to make it more durable and strong. So much so that it can withstand heat, humidity, stress, and styling tools without losing its moisture.

Hair is only as good as its moisture content. Your natural moisture content depends on how well you are getting it from your diet and how much you are conditioning your hair and scalp with styling products. If you condition your hair using chemical products, you may not get as much moisture as you should. This cream contains natural emollients to give your hair a silky-soft feel.

As I Am Double Butter Cream – Ingredients:

As I Am Double Butter Cream 227g

Shea Butter:

The first ingredient in As I Am Double Butter Cream is Shea butter. Shea butter has a lot of benefits. You will know why if you read the label. It has long been known for it’s healing benefits. This is one of the reasons it was used centuries ago to treat dry skin and heal wounds. Today it is still used as a treatment for cuts, burns, and eczema.

Castor Oil:

Castor oil is another key ingredient in I Am Double Butter Cream. This natural oil is another emollient.

  • It makes hair silky soft and smooth.
  • Also helps to protect hair from becoming dry and breaking easily.
  • By providing moisture it will also condition hair easily.
  • An added benefit of Castor oil is that it helps to lift dirt and oils from your hair.
  • It helps your hair to stay clean.

However, it also provides a smoothing effect that detangles and separates strands for a more manageable style. It also helps your hair to retain moisture. Oils from plants are another type of natural moisturizer that is often used to condition hair. The best part about these oils is that they are so versatile.

Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba oil can be used on dry hair, damp hair, and even over-oily hair. Many commercial shampoos contain jojoba oil. However, you can achieve the same conditioning benefits without the added expense. Since they are so similar to the moisture that our own sebum produces, they will help your hair to feel silky soft and ready to do some conditioning with the rest of your hair.

As I Am Double Butter Cream – Benefits:

By using products like this on a regular basis you will notice an improvement in how your hair looks and feels. If you are looking for natural products that don’t contain chemicals and other harmful ingredients you should definitely try products like this. This is just one of the many healthy, natural ingredients that are found in this wonderful product. Your hair will thank you for using such a good quality hair product.

  • It will leave your hair feeling soft and shiny.
  • It will leave it smelling wonderfully fresh.
  • Best of all it will help your hair to be extremely manageable.
  • Your hair won’t be weighed down by a heavy oil that can cause some damage.

As I am Double Butter Cream reviews suggest that this product is great for all types of hair.

Does Not Contains Artificial Preservatives:

There are not any artificial preservatives or colours that can cause harm to your hair. It’s a very safe product that contains no oils, fragrances, dyes, or artificial preservatives that could easily cause damage to your hair and scalp. What you will receive is a healthy silky soft conditioner. One that will leave your hair feeling silky soft and extremely manageable.

Keeps Your Hair Manageable:

Your hair will be manageable, shiny, and beautiful. Best of all you won’t have to spend a fortune doing it. Silicone oil isn’t going to break your budget and it will not leave your hair oily. This is a must-have conditioning treatment and for all types of hair.

Contains Natural Moisturizing Butter:

The hair roots are nourished by As I Am Double Butter Cream and the outer layer is reinforced with nourishing fatty acids. Good, shiny waves and healthy, full tresses – of course. A soothing, power-packed natural moisturizing butter is As I Am Double Butter Cream. Gives hair that is nourished, hydrated, all it needs to look and act its best. Improves the health of your wavy hair and curls.

Nourishes Your Hair From Root to Tip:

I Am Double Butter Cream nourishes your hair from root to tip and makes your hair smooth and silky. When shielding it from fire, it gives hair a soft feel. This helps make it more robust and strong. So much so that, without losing its moisture, it can withstand fire, humidity, tension, and styling instruments.


This is one of the product, that contains all-natural herbs, that will keep your hair healthy, shiny and beautiful. It can be a product that you would like to include in your hair care routine.

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