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The Sun moves into forceful Aries and changes the season with an extroverted Grand Fire Trine with Moon in Leo, Uranus in Aries, and Saturn in Sagittarius. This highly intuitive, impulsive, self-starting enthusiastic energy actively dominates the “birth” of this new season.

A Grand Fire Trine demands an outlet for expression and motivates you to act on what you passionately believe in. Patience is also needed to transcend the shadow of sometimes impatient and selfish Aries.

In the chart for the Aries Equinox centered on Washington, DC, the capitol of United States, Mars in Sagittarius is right on the ascendant, with Jupiter on the Midheaven and the stellium of Pisces at the bottom of the chart in the 3rd and 4th houses, representing changes in the community and security of the home.

Over this new zodiacal year, there will likely be a series of events that catalyze significant changes that may be met with an aggressive response. These are intense times that are not contained within borders. Everything influences everyone right now.

I hesitate to bring up world events and limit this scope to the United States. There’s already too much fear floating around our beautiful planet. Only love can make a difference.

I’m overriding my caution to underscore how important it is for YOU to express your true gifts so that you can be part of the solution by expressing your brilliant contribution to the world.

What’s your passion? What do you think limits you? Is that true? Schedule a session with me if want more clarity and support in fulfilling your highest purpose in this lifetime. I am here to help you with that.

Use your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant to read your personal horoscope.

Aries – Change excites you and you’re ready to bring new ideas into being. Your vitality is in full force and so is your will. Strive to be aware of your strong energy and avoid dominating others. Instead, create laughter with your passionate take on life. It’s your gift that leaves others breathless with wonder.

Taurus – Your intuition is on point. With your current sensitivity you may feel restless and crave some sort of escape. Instead, find a creative outlet to talk, write, or create something beautiful to release your deep emotions.

Gemini – You’re inspired by so many groups working for the progress of humanity and it’s pulling you to new horizons. Smooth out your restlessness by committing to an outlet that brings your focus on a project or group that makes a positive difference in the world.

Cancer – You’re more comfortable than ever with your current non-conformity. You know what’s important to nurture your passions and you are ready, willing and able to do the work that needs to be done to make a difference in the world. Your voice is being heard.

Leo – Keep promoting your unconventional beliefs. Check for recklessness and continue to explore new perspectives with an open heart. If people don’t get where you’re coming from, keep the faith that nothing is stopping your new vision that will indeed make a difference.

Virgo – Energy is lighting up your inner world where you are feeling aligned with your especially strong intuition. Use your current sensitive awareness to gain insight into your interpersonal relationships and understand your highest purpose more clearly. Take notes, as you have many strong hunches to fit together.

Libra – You have new concepts to share with your community that support everyone’s growth. You’re drawn toward the unconventional and may surprise yourself with the transformations that seem to keep evolving. Continue to build faith in your mental powers that are strong and clearer than you know.

Scorpio – You’re intent on becoming recognized as a leader. Your clever mind and alternative concepts will improve the lives of others. Let go of how the financial reward will come about and patiently develop your mental concentration so that you’ll trust that you are in control.

Sagittarius – Your fire is burning bright and you have the discipline to keep it going. Creative self-expression is vital to your happiness. What can you teach others? Notice how you absorb and refine your experiences to understand how it fits together. Others can grow from understanding this.

Capricorn – Sometimes life feels hard and it’s because you try too hard to maintain conscious control. Changes are happening that create uncertainty while you transform your sense of self. Allow the fiery energy to burn away your doubts and experience the depths of your being.

Aquarius – Your focus is on fire and burning in different directions. You’re sparking ideas with others while you work on developing more self-discipline to hone your unique expression. Concentrate on broadening your vision to include everyone.

Pisces – You’re ready to make changes to create an independent life and change what you see on a daily basis. Your life is evolving with your consciousness that seeks to do more good in the world. Somehow you want to satisfy the collective needs of this time.

Today’s Aspects:
  • Sun enters Aries at 9:30pm PDT/5:30am GMT/4:30pm AEST
  • Moon in Leo trine Uranus in Aries at 1:43pm PDT/9:43pm GMT/8:43am AEST
  • Moon void of course in Leo at 1:43pm PDT/9:43pm GMT/8:43am AEST
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