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Are Handmade Food Really Better Than Machine Made? - Likeitgirl

Are Handmade Food Really Better Than Machine Made?

When we go to the supermarkets or road-side shops, we see machine made foods of different types, brands, tastes, ingredients and colours. We don’t have that much of time to prepare the ingredients and cook the delicious dish that we want to eat. It is why we buy machine made foods.

On the other hand, we cannot avoid the importance of handmade mood. Handmade foods are delicious, hygienic, and healthier. But, it doesn’t mean that machine made food is less hygienic, or less healthy and tasty. Above all, there is hardly any mistake in machine made food processing.

The difference at a glance

Handmade products are made by hand one by one from start to finish. It is done in small numbers, it is done by a smaller group of people, and they are aimed at a smaller audience. It is more laborious, uses more time and effort. However, industrial process is the mass production of articles. It does not require much demand for study and knowledge, but for skill and creativity. All products that are created with this method have the same characteristics.

Machine made method makes the production of mass-produced articles easier and faster. It is less laborious. It is much faster. Machine made foods are affordable, less than handmade food. Adequate and complex machines are used to produce high-quality healthy and tasty food. If you want to buy any food processing equipment online at affordable prices, get in touch with the best used food processing equipment dealer near you.

Why machine made food?

The products that are consumed, the ways of cooking them and the eating habits depend on the characteristics of the physical environment, the forms of production, and cultural practices. Today, most eating habits have promoted a market full of industrialized foods. These foods help feed us, also support our organism and immune system. There are myths that machine made foods are not well enough, machine made foods are less hygienic and healthier, machine made foods use worse organic items, etc.

Facing the truth, people are more and more accepting machine made foods due to their high-quality ingredients and low prices. However, machine made food is becoming more and more popular in the markets, because it seeks to have a better quality in the products that are consumed, and that these can help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of machine made food

The term “industrial food” is commonly related to raw materials (processed), such as packaged meat, processed fish, canned food, etc. But it can be applied to different processed and cooked foods and beverages. The taste of machine made food has a totally different taste from handmade foods. In industrial products, quality and details are valued when preparing food and beverages.

  • The ingredients used are free of chemicals that can harm the body.
  • Products are more nutritious, have high levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • The production process is carried out using natural ingredients,
  • The food processing is done under controlled indoor environment,
  • Machine made foods are produced with high-quality machines, respecting standards.
  • They preserve the true flavour of each ingredient used.


The main characteristic of industrialized food is that it is easily accessible in all supermarkets and restaurants. It can make life easier for us. Besides natural substances, it is true that machine made foods have added ingredients, flavours, colour and fat, to make the food super delicious. However, not all the machine made foods have added preservatives or ingredients. You can deep freeze machine made foods to use them later.

Moreover, we are not saying those machines made foods are bad. But, one should control the intake of high-calorie machine made foods on daily basis as it promotes obesity and other diseases. Keeping this argument in mind, one should not consume high-calorie handmade food on daily basis either.

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