Are Diamonds Really a Girl’s Best Friend

During the Golden Age of Hollywood, leading ladies were often wearing glamorous gowns and stylish hairstyles. The most we remember them by are the diamond necklaces and bracelets that defined their elegance. Diamonds only made their styling eternal, something that is fashionable even today among the celebrities.

Today, diamonds are sold at auctions for huge sums of money and you will often hear about them being the centerpiece in a celebrity engagement or anniversary. However, diamonds are not only for stars but are available for all who have means and resources to buy and value them. They may seem like just another insignificant rock that people fight over, but their charm is more than their chemical formula.

  1. They don’t damage easily

You can break a diamond if you hit too hard with a hammer, but you won’t damage it easily in everyday wear. When put like this, diamonds are forever and will last for generations in your family. This makes them a perfect heirloom, but also a nice memento to certain significant times in your life.

Although diamonds are really old as in billions of years, that also attest to their durability. Based on Mohs hardness scale which measures scratch resistance among other things, diamonds get the score 9/10. So you don’t have to worry you will accidentally damage them when you hit something with a ringed finger, but rather that you didn’t leave a scratch on the contacted surface.

  1. They’re romantic

We all have our own image of what is romantic, but the entertainment industry made sure diamonds fit in most of those. One of the reasons for this is that they represent love, as portrayed by romantic gestures in the movies. The other one is that they are pretty and look great on any woman regardless of shape, skin color or age.

There is something special in their sparkles that accentuate the female beauty and appears as though they are wearing stars. Their glowing appearance has been copied for decades with crystal, just so that every woman can have some of that bling. And men have gone to great lengths just to get the real ones to their girlfriends and wives.

  1. Investing in diamonds

Not only do the diamonds look beautifully on the jewellery, but they are a good investment as well. However, investing begins with education on the size, cut and rare colored gems like Argyle pink diamonds. Through brokerage company, you will easily find the right solution for you, certification and vault storage.

Experts say that it’s better to buy several smaller ones for the same price that you would spend on one. That way, in the time of need, you can sell one and leave others for later. And since diamonds only gain on value over time, this is a sound investment plan that will take care of you and your family.

  1. A unique gem

No two diamonds are the same, so you will truly have a special piece that no one else does. That is why they represent romance and are often used for engagement rings. But their value in the jewellery industry goes beyond that as well, with other amazing pieces such are bracelets and earrings.

Of course, the price for a diamond ring varies depending on the stone’s carat, color, and cut which can all appear the same to a naked eye. But experts can easily spot the differences in quality and also confirm its uniqueness. And women like feeling special which diamond will certainly help them be once they put them on.

  1. They’re truly are a girl’s best friend

Best friends are those people that stay with you even when things get tough and you need a shoulder or two to cry on. These friends give you a helping hand and help you get on your feet and move on. Well, with that respect, a woman can also call diamonds their best friend.

They carry a sentimental value that will easily help you remember nice and beautiful moments which will make you feel better. But also, after the divorce or separation from your partner, you can sell the diamond jewellery and use those finances to start a new life. They may not hug you to console you, but will certainly give you the strength that you need to move on – just like any best friend would.   

Final thoughts

It may appear as a purely materialistic notion, but calling diamonds a girl’s best friend is more than that. Just like any item in our life a diamond can carry so much emotion, history, tradition and memories that are worth more than thousands of dollars. But, on the other hand, they are also a prudent investment in the future and also provide us with certain financial security, which is a comforting notion altogether.

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