Whenever people belonging from a different country decide to visit another country for some time they need a visa. A visa is a document that makes the stay of foreigners in a foreign country legitimate. Without a working visa, a person can be seen as an intruder and legal action can be taken against him. This is why one needs to make sure that he has a visa when he is planning to visit a foreign nation. A tourist visa is especially helpful when one is visiting a foreign country for some short period of time for business requirements or medical needs or travelling purpose.

The same rule applies to foreigners who are visiting India as well. In order to visit India from a foreign country one needs to have a working tourist visa that is legally obtained. Without that the foreigner can be fined or jailed and his stay in India can also be cut short. There are certain Indian tourist visa requirements that one needs to follow in order to obtain a tourist visa. The first thing that one needs to keep in mind is that no scanned signature is allowed on the visa form. Moreover, all the photographs have to be uploaded properly in the form. One should also keep in mind that while applying for a tourist visa he needs to have a valid passport. The passport should remain valid from the date of arrival in India to at least six months. Without the possession of a valid passport a visa might not be granted at all. One also has to show proofs of financial records and only then the process of getting a tourist visa can be completed.

If you want to apply for Indian tourist visa online then you will have to keep certain things in mind. One thing is that you can handle the entire process on your own with the help of online sites. However, if you do not feel much confident then you can also take the help of various centers that are there to help you out in exchange of fees. You need to choose a center carefully as getting your visa properly depends on the center. You will have to make a list of available centers near you that offer visa related services. Once you are done doing that you will have to compare the centers among themselves to make sure you choose the best one. You can compare the centers in terms of their years of experience and pricing. You can also ask for recommendations among your known circles who have got their visa done from centers.

However, you can also do the entire process all by yourself by taking online help. You should look for government backed sites that will help you through each step of the application process and finally help you to get your visa in a seamless manner. Go through a number of sites before you settle down on a particular one and make sure to read all the instructions before you start filling the application form.

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