Antigua is a Land of New Opportunities

The island of Antigua, which is known the world over for its luxury resorts may seem like quite a small nation, but to financially-savvy people, it is a land of amazing opportunities. Over the years, great attention has been directed to this Caribbean nation. This is not only because of its reputation as a tropical paradise but also because of its fast-developing economy.

The impressive growth this country is experiencing is often attributed to its openness to the rest of the world. While there are so many nations closing off their doors due to trade rifts and historically-rooted disputes, Antigua, on the other hand, is open to the diverse possibilities people from different parts of the globe can bring.

However, Antigua is not just a country awaiting the contribution of outsiders to its progress. It offers tremendous benefits as well.

● First of all, it is a famous luxury tourist destination in the Caribbean. The tourism industry thrives here, and it’s creating abundant business opportunities for entrepreneurs and even international companies. The commercial scene in Antigua is not heavily saturated yet, making it an ideal business destination for foreign business folks.

● On top of that, Antigua is naturally blessed. People come here to reconnect with nature, get inspiration, unwind, and even start anew. These days, you will find a growing population of expats on the island who have made Antigua their new home because it offers the opposite of toxic city life. They have easy access to healing lush mountains, as well as pristine and fertile beach areas. And they get to enjoy a more relaxed and slower pace of life.

It’s crucial to note, too, that Antigua’s other provisions make for a much more dynamic, strategic, and fulfilling life, especially for people from abroad.

1. Owning an Antigua passport means visa-free travel to about 135 countries, including the United Kingdom and Europe

Travel to different countries comes with many limitations for people from certain nations. However, by procuring a second passport through Antigua’s second passport program, you can travel to most parts of the world without a visa.

Whether you like to travel for business or leisure, visa-free travel is undoubtedly an advantage.

2. Being a citizen of Antigua provides you with tax benefits

You can free yourself from the typical taxes you pay and drive your wealth growth initiatives to high gear when you become a citizen and permanent resident of Antigua.

You do not have to pay capital gains or inheritance, personal income, and even worldwide income taxes once you become a citizen. Should you wish to become resident for tax purposes you are required to be physically a resident in Antigua for 6 months of each year.

3. It is a safe and secure location

It is relatively safe to live in Antigua, which is always an advantage for people with families, and investors. Compared to other Caribbean nations, it is often out of the way of hurricanes. Plus, the crime rate in this nation is considerably lower than that of neighboring countries. Antigua is even considered one of the most secure locations to escape to in the event of a war or world health crisis.

4. Antigua has a pervasive culture of community

The sense of community in this country is evident in all aspects of living. Locals are friendly and are always willing to help out foreigners. Likewise, everybody easily comes together for celebrations, which do not need a special reason behind them.

And, during the festival season, people come together for the successful execution of festivities. This makes everyone feel involved and needed. This is something that a lot of retirees from big and busy cities abroad greatly appreciate. They get to connect with more local people and contribute their time and skills to fun-filled events.

5. Antigua boasts a highly artistic and creative culture

No one can argue against the soul-healing effect of a strong artistic culture. It is for this reason that a lot of writers, musicians, and artists retreat to Antigua for inspiration and to flourish in their creativity. The country is a haven for everybody who dabbles in the arts, be it painting, crafting, music, and dance.

Becoming a Citizen of Antigua
Clearly, Antigua is a country that many may want to live in, be it only for half the year or permanently. Fortunately, becoming a citizen of Antigua is not as complicated a process as obtaining citizenship in other countries.

You can obtain Antigua citizenship by investment through the country’s second citizenship program. The requirements are relatively straightforward — a specific donation to the government or through the purchase of real estate, plus the presentation of supporting documents with your application.

There are professional government-appointed agents who specialize in the processing of these applications. They will take care of everything once you have submitted all the requirements. Typically, within approximately six months, your second passport will be ready.

And lastly, but surely worth mentioning, too, is that with the assistance of these specialists in processing your second citizenship, you don’t even have to pay Antigua a visit during your application. You do not need to stay and establish residency in the country to secure dual citizenship if you do not wish to.

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