The mobile tech industry is currently undergoing some sort of revolution with the emergence of smartphones and digital apps. To some folks, it is the coming of powerful operating systems like Android into the scene that led to this unprecedented transformation. Obviously, it is difficult to talk about the exponential growth in the industry without referring to Android app development.

Today, Android has the largest market share on the global market. While there have been several applications designed and created for phones prior to Android domination, no one had made a significant impact that is as radiant as it is today. Before now, it was all about Symbian, Blackberry RIM and Windows, until Android came into the scene. This is mainly why most people think that Android is responsible for upsetting the smartphone business.

How Android is Disrupting The Mobile Industry

The mobile app development industry is unarguably growing in leaps and bounds. A closer examination shows Android and iOS taking the lead by driving the greatest market share. Basically, these (particularly Android) are a force to reckon with. Today, there is rarely any mobile app development company that isn’t interested in developing one mobile application or the other for Android OS.

Google’s Android operating system (OS) can be said to be on its way to disrupting the mobile industry due to its dynamic value proposition. However, things didn’t take a different turn until programmers began using the platform to create a range of disruptive products. This was when the OS began capturing market leadership. It was only a couple of years ago when most Indian app developers so the need to develop apps for Android.

Seeing the way, this dramatically changed during the era, most industry analysts and experts would refer to Android as a disruptive innovation. When the OS newly emerged, it was mainly aimed at serving the market in a unique and compelling way. Basically, it focused on providing an enabling environment for developers and any interested mobile app development company to build efficient mobile products (apps) for the less affluent consumers.

But with time, Android soon rose to become the ultimate mobile development platform for all as it constantly opened up the doors for anyone and everyone to get involved in the development process. Today, there is rarely any mobile user need that cannot be resolved through Android app development. It was this initial success that laid the groundwork for the market leadership the OS is achieving today.

When Android came into the show, it didn’t take long before it replaced the incumbent OS – Windows Mobile. Virtually every phone manufacturer now wants to present Android as its ultimate OS including Sony Ericsson, Kyocera, LG, Samsung, HTC, Dell, and even Nokia. This has opened up a huge market opportunity for Indian app developers looking to both make their products known and meet up with increasing demands.

While Android’s tremendous growth and development is still yet to be considered as a full-scale invasion, it has, however, managed to ride over the entire market index with a fast-growing population of Android devices. Every year, dozens of Android-enabled mobile devices flood the market. On their own part, Indian app developers are not relenting in any way to go with the trend by adopting new development skills and strategies as at when due.

A Leader among Leaders

With a growing market share that does not seem to subside any time soon, it is evident that Android will continue to remain a strong force for any mobile app development company to reckon with. As it stands now, Android had gone far from being in the competition. In fact, it is the competition itself. Ever since its initial release, the OS has driving swift cellphone carrier and manufacturer penetration. Apart from Apple, there is rarely any smartphone manufacturer that isn’t associating (through one way or the other) with the platform.

In the recent past, Android was only a distant second behind its main rival – Apple. However, it has taken over the entire market share more recently due to a growing consumer population. Ultimately, it’s like every mobile user wants to get involved with Android app development mainly because it is mostly free which even makes it more compelling. This is mainly why the platform had been able to garner significant consumer acceptance.

Google is not resting on its laurels

Despite having made remarkable history with a range of OS versions, Google is still working tooth and nail to ensure that it comes out with regular and relevant mobile updates that will continue to put the platform right at the top of the log. Unarguably, there is no better way to improve stability, functionality, and performance than this. No wonder, most Indian app developers do not hesitate to make use of these regularly introduced updates to improve on their development strategies.

The open source system employed by the platform is also responsible for the global wide acceptance of Android app development. Today, there is rarely any mobile OS that has as many followings of app developers as Android. That is why this platform will continue to always make a remarkable impact on most app development processes and in the entire industry as a whole.

Google is committed to making its platform even more dynamic and efficient than ever. Unarguably, any top app development companies looking to win in this space must be willing to associate with the disruptive power of Android.

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