The term courtesan refers to a lady who entertains the nobles in the era of the kingdoms. Through centuries these women are known to entertain higher authorities of the court in all possible forms. They have earned their reputation through their etiquettes which makes them highly desired by men in certain sects of the noble hierarchy. These women are not just regular escorts but great partners for men who also help them make smart decisions related to politics, relationships or wars. Over the years, the art of courtesan has died down. These women today are merely referred as prostitutes or call girls. But in some parts of the world, this art form of entertainment still exists but in its modern avatar. The house of Alice Azoor is one such shelter for this dying art. Her girls are highly trained escorts who deliver more than just a sexual experience. These girls are well mannered enough to increase a man’s value in the societal dating circle. These girls have raised the bar for aspirational value towards a certain lifestyle that comes along a job like this. Many girls in today’s generation do not shy away from aspiring to be a courtesan. If you are on the path to be one yourself, here are a few tips that can help you ace the game;

Elegance and beauty go hand in hand for a Toronto courtesan. They are expected to be well mannered in all fields of life, be it usage of cutlery to the way she wears her hair. These women are highly trained to learn the ways of life of a high born and flawlessly gel in their social circle. She has to act like a delicate woman who gives authority to a man to do whatever her desires with her in the scheduled time that she is with him.

One of the key responsibilities of a courtesan is to maintain absolute discretion about her clientele. When you walk in the circle of the nobles, you can come across some very intrinsic details of their profession. It is the duty of a courtesan to keep her lips sealed at all times to ensure that she has continuous business without compromising on details. If such a thing happens, she and he house that represents her, can fall into deep trouble with these officials. 

The power for a courtesan is in her contacts. If you happen to indulge in a courtesan experience in Toronto, you will be astonished to discover that your courtesan has gone beyond her way to book your entire stay, ride and experiences. It is her duty to know everything about you and the things you like to ensure a flawless and hassle-free experience. 

Being a local, a courtesan is expected to know the city at the back of her hand. You must know the best places to eat, drink and make out. Knowledge also comes along with experience. If a customer avails for a mature courtesan, she will know some great pleasure points in your body that will leave you wanting for more. 

With these simple steps, you are on your way to be a great courtesan. 

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