IVF is an assisted reproduction technique. Deciding to opt for IVF can be both exciting and stressful. While it brings you closer to your much-awaited pregnancy, it also brings with it uncertainty about the success of that pregnancy. So before you go to an IVF clinic in India, here are some tips to help you prepare yourself.

Things to remember before going for IVF

  • Patience

Patience is key to a successful IVF. Assisted reproduction demands time and effort. This labor-intensive process requires multiple doctor visits, several investigations, and medications. It should also be noted that this treatment can take around three months or more to complete before you get pregnant.

  • Preparation for IVF

Before you attempt to get pregnant, you will have to undergo a health check. This includes cutting down on alcohol, maintaining a healthy weight, and a nutritious diet. You will also have to get your diabetes and hypertension in control before attempting pregnancy to ensure its success.

  • Expensive

An IVF clinic in India is expensive. This is the main reason why it is not a routine treatment for infertility. A single cycle of IVF can cost several lakhs. Since health insurance does not cover these costs, not all couples can afford IVF. Make sure you are financially sound before you opt for this treatment.

  • Side effects and risks

Be prepared to face the side effects of your treatment. Since IVF is a form of hormone administration, it will result in physical discomforts such as bloating, pressure, and breast tenderness. It can also induce ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), where your body produces too many eggs. However, these effects are temporary and usually resolve on their own.

Research reveals that there is a slight risk of premature birth, low birth weight, and congenital disabilities in IVF induced pregnancy. However, these can easily be countered by getting regular checkups and undergoing genetic screening.

  • Success rate

The first thing your doctor will explain to you during IVF counseling is that this process does not guarantee a pregnancy. In India, the success rate of IVF is only 30%. This mostly depends upon the woman’s age. In some cases, you may also require multiple rounds of IVF cycles to get pregnant. However, IVF is not the only treatment for infertility. You can also consider the options of donor eggs or donor sperms. Predicting your IVF success rate using a fertility calculator can help you decide on your course of action.

Why you should choose Max Hospital for IVF

With nearly eight branches spread across the country, the hospital offers dedicated centers for IVF treatment. The IVF clinic in India provides couple counseling in addition to physically preparing you for the pregnancy. The medical team emphasizes the importance of communication. Additionally, they maintain complete confidentiality throughout the treatment. The hospital provides assisted reproduction techniques, assisted hatching, blastocyst transfer, optical spindle, surgical sperm retrieval, and various other types of IVF.

The skilled and experienced IVF team ensures a success rate of nearly 35%. Do not hesitate and book your consultation with Max Hospital today!

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