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All You Need to Know About Evan Marc Katz - Likeitgirl

All You Need to Know About Evan Marc Katz

All You Need to Know About Women’s Relationship Coach, Author, and Blogger Evan Marc Katz

Are you still in the process of finding the unconditionally loving relationship of your dreams? If you’ve already tried and failed several times, perhaps you need a supportive community and personal guidance.

For these, you need to turn to women’s relationship coach, author, and blogger Evan Marc Katz.

Throughout the years, he has helped many smart, strong, successful women find love. Like them, he can help you with relationships, among many other things.

If you’re wondering how he might help clients like you, read on to learn more about the world’s foremost dating coach.

Evan Marc Katz is a Writer

The Love U founder and podcast host is a writer by profession.

At age 24, he moved from LA to New York to pursue his writing passion. He managed to get into a prestigious film school, winning article contests along the way.

But even with these laurels, he wasn’t able to make money. The dating and relationship expert was feeling the toll of it all. He didn’t want to end up peddling screenplays until he’s 40 years old.

That’s when he decided to give up on his dream in life—at least, for that time.

He Worked for an Online Dating Company

As mentioned, the dating coach for smart, successful women was initially treading a different path. But since he needed money, he decided to join MatchNet, a dating company.

After laboring for only nine months, he was doing more than just answering phones.

Apart from helping users retrieve their passwords, the relationship expert also gave them much-needed dating advice.

He would tell one woman how brief her bio was or how one man only sent one email in a month.

He even volunteered to be the company’s online dating expert, only to be shot down.

Fortunately for most, he thought that maybe he could do more.

He Authored Books on How to Find Lasting Love

As previously mentioned, dating coach extraordinaire Evan Marc Katz is a writer. So in response to the online dating company’s rejection, he decided to help the world through books.

In 2003, he published his first work titled, “I Can’t Believe I’m Buying This Book: A Commonsense Guide to Successful Internet Dating.”

Mind you, this was the time when dating online came with a lot of stigma.

In this book, he offered helpful relationship advice for both men and women. That included:

  • Choosing the best dating website
  • Writing an eye-catching profile
  • Penning an icebreaker of an email
  • Going beyond just one date

He Built a Company Offering Profile Writing Services

Apart from offering internet dating advice, the writer decided to kick things up a notch.

Since he was an expert in profiles, he decided to open a company that specializes in such.

The company, known as E-Cyrano, helped men and women find love by creating profiles that:

  • Capture the users’ personality
  • Get more emails, likes, or winks
  • Receive a higher response rate than most
  • Attract the partner you want

He Eventually Opened a Coaching Service

Evan’s E-Cyrano website was doing good. He got to help every man and woman get more profile hits.

Then one time, a client asked a million-dollar question: “What do I do?”

To which he replied, “Go ahead and flirt.”

This guy, reluctant and all, admitted he didn’t know how to flirt.

That’s when the coach realized he had to help them with this as well.

Thanks to this conversation, he ended up creating a coaching service. It started with internet dating, which later led to real-life dating.

With this, the online guru got to help men and women deal with the nuances of relationships. From texts and phone calls to sex and intimacy, he gave his clients the advice they needed.

Evan Decided to be the Coach for Smart, Strong Women

Six years into his fruitful coaching business, Evan realized that 80% of his clients were women. He then made a collective effort to channel his energy to this demographic.

He helped these often-frustrated daters to get a grip on men. After all, they were successful in everything, save for relationships.

He Has a Dating Blog and Podcast Channel

The Love U founder does not limit his advice to his customers, though. He wants to help everyone find love, so he decided to post these on his blog site.

Here, you’ll find free articles that can help you with your love concerns. From internet dating, real-life love, and even marriage, you can read everything about it here.

If you’re more of a listener, the relationship guru has a channel, too. Aptly named the “Love U” podcast, it focuses on the six crucial steps for dating. You have to find these out when you listen to the podcast.

With his expertise and experience, Evan Marc Katz is the one person you need to improve your love life. With his help, you can date the man of your dreams!

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