All You Need to Know About Dental Implants Treatments!

A titanium post which is surgically positioned beneath the gum line into the jawbone as a replacement of teeth refers to dental implants. Unlike denture, it is not loose and helps in improving the oral health of an individual as they are not anchored to other teeth. Adequate jawbones and the healthy gums are the two prerequisites for considering dental implants Treatment. Bone graft and Sinus lift are the two procedures which need to be undertaken prior to dental implant if your jaw bone is thin or not of considerable height.

As the implants aim at replacing the roots of missing teeth, they also support dentures, crown and bridges. With surgery, these implants are placed in the jawbones.

It is important to replace your missing teeth for the following reasons:

  • Speech Clarity: Teeth help you to maintain a clear speech. Losing the front teeth often cause disruption in your speech which can be restored with the help dental implants.
  • Self-Esteem: Losing your teeth also hampers your self-esteem and pulls down your moral. You may get conscious at times realizing that people are noticing your missing teeth. Dental implants treatment can help you to get rid of such awkwardness.
  • Beautiful Smile: Smiling is the best way to keep up your health good. A healthy mind remains only in a healthy body. But unhealthy or missing teeth can hinder your smiles. To maintain a healthy smile, implants can help you out.
  • Eating Habits: Missing teeth also affect your eating habits. You may require refraining yourself from eating raw fruits and vegetables including nuts to avoid over-strained your remaining teeth. A dental implant can help you to maintain your food regime with healthy diets like raw fruits and nuts.

Following Are the Types of Dental Implants Treatment Which Are Available:

  1. Mini: This is a tiny Dental implant treatment which is designed as a substitute for the natural tooth. With no necessary recovery period, the dentures in this kind of implant are fitted on the same day. It ensures long-lasting results with quick healing syndrome. In the case of extensive bone loss, it is a viable form of treatment over the full dental implants
  1. Subperiosteal: Crafted out of the metal framework, these types of implants are placed above the jawbones and under the gum issue. It is a small metal post which acts as an anchor for the tooth/teeth to be replaced. If you are missing more than one tooth, then this is a preferred treatment as it is often used to cover the large surface area.
  1. Root form: Crafted from Titanium, root-form implant is screwed like small cylinder which is most commonly used nowadays. An abutment (a metal cylinder is fixed on this implant which serves the base for the crown, bridge or denture. Osseointegration is one of the procedures which helps in successful implants. A survey revealed that the implants using Root form are successful with a rate of 90%. Any problem in these implants arises in the first year of the surgery. Only 1% of the implant fall each year.

To Choose an appropriate implant, it is significant to refer an experienced dentist who can advise you best after inspecting the current conditions of your teeth. Oral health is vital with respect to maintain a beautiful smile and healthy lifestyle.

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