Air Conditioners and Their Modern Features That You Must Know

Air conditioning is no more a luxury but has become a necessity these days. Living without an air conditioner during the summer season is extremely uncomfortable. Since their inception, air conditioners have become a more advanced contraption. They are loaded with features that make them highly effective and efficient. If you are planning to buy an air conditioner now, then you must look for certain features that your old AC might not have. New features are being added in air conditioners with each passing year, and here we are discussing a few latest ones.

New Features of Air Conditioners That You Must Know:

Smart Cooling with Sensor Network: Latest air conditioners that you find in the market come with special sensors that aim at imparting smart cooling. AC systems with this technology have an intelligent image sensing system, that aims at giving equal cooling comfort to each member present inside a room. It minimizes wastage of cooling. The sensor is programmed to detect the number of people in a room with their location so that it can direct its cooling towards them. If there are no people in the room for a specific amount of time, it switches off automatically, so it saves the electricity bill as well.

Follow Me Feature: Modern air conditioners have a sensor inside their remote. When you enable this feature, then the sensor in your AC’s indoor unit will take the back seat, and the sensor in your remote will get activated. The information that this remote sensor sends plays a role in adjusting the room’s ambient temperature. This sensor gathers temperature details of even the farthest areas of the room. When this information is passed on to the main unit, it ensures the optimal temperature in every corner of the room.

App Control Through Smartphone: Since smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, we want a mobile app for almost everything, even to control our air conditioners. Many AC manufacturers have developed a smart app that you can install in your smartphone to control your AC. Just download the app on your phone and pair it with your router. Once it is connected, you can use it to control your AC from any corner of the room. Even if there is no WiFi network, you may connect your smartphone with the air conditioner using WiFi Direct. Apart from that, some of these apps also give estimated consumption of electricity based on its usage. Even if there is no dedicated app from your AC manufacturer, if your smartphone has an IR blaster, you can use it to control your AC from your phone.

Auto Clean Feature: Filters are integral components of air conditioners, and you need to clean them regularly to maximize their cooling capacity. However, in today’s busy world, we often don’t have time to clean the filters at regular intervals. Considering this, AC manufacturers have come up with a solution to this pestering issue. Latest AC systems are now coming with an auto-clean functionality, with which the AC cleans its filters on its own using different methods and techniques.

  • Some have a brush that moves on the filter from one side to the other to sweep any dust along it. It also has a dust box that collects any specks dusts that the brush sweeps.
  • Some have an indoor blower that run for some time after you switch off your AC. This auto cleans the filter and prevents any accumulation of mould or dust in the system.
  • Some have an auto-cleaning system that operates when you run the AC at low fan speed in cooling mode. This removes dust from the evaporator fins.
  • Some filters need to be cleaned manually, but the AC notifies you with a light that it needs cleaning.

Conclusion– So, if you planning to buy an air conditioner, you can explore all these features. Most of the modern-day air conditioning systems come with these features. Make sure that the air conditioners you are shortlisting have some or all of these features that will prove to be helpful in the long run.

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