Ageing – are you doing it right?


Skin ageing is a natural process that happens to everyone but it is only when we ourselves start to notice first symptoms that we become aware of it. Spotting that first grey hair was quite depressing, but noticing a growing number of wrinkles does not make you any more relaxed. Instead of worrying there is a lot of things you could do not to stop ageing, but to do it right.

Get protected

Everyone loves getting their skin tanned but now it is vital that you should start caring about the only skin you live in. Still, you can go sunbathing at a holiday resort brimming with sun-kissed beaches but you should be aware of the importance of applying sunscreen. Your body needs a shield against UVA and UVB rays and if you apply sunscreen you will prevent wrinkles from appearing.

Drink plenty of water

Your skin is likely to be dehydrated if you avoid drinking as much water as needed. Go for at least 8 cups per day to have a glowing skin. However, be aware of the bad effect alcohol and cigarettes have. Alcohol drains water out of your body so you may want to think about cutting down on the number of glasses you take per week. Cigarettes are no good, too so reduce the number of those and increase water consumption and you will be good to go.


Make up

Think about the kind of make up you are using. It is important that you use a daily moisturizer with sunscreen starting from spring. Your skin is craving for moisture so be ready to provide it with the best care you can afford. Opt for organic cosmetics that will not provoke any harm to your skin. However, if you still feel the need to get rid of what makes you older there are well-known experts from facial rejuvenation clinic in Sydney who are excellent when it comes to reducing ageing signs.

When applying make up think about whether it makes you look older than you actually are. Dark lipsticks make your lips seem smaller and they emphasize any pigmentation spots you may have so you should avoid them. Applying too much foundation and concealer under your eyes can create such a texture that it seems that you have too many wrinkles so be moderate in using it. Messy mascara will only make you look a lot older.


Do not forget to take your make up off at the end of the day in order to prevent wrinkles from appearing. If you keep on going to bed with your make up on you are likely to go from a flawless skin to the one brimming with redness which will only make you appear a lot older.


Doing a lot of cardio exercises may do more harm than good to your body as the long sessions of it can break down your muscles and increase free radicals production in your body which only leads to ageing. Exercising too much and not taking a break is bad for your skin, too as you do not allow your body to have a rest while constantly exposing it to stress.

In order to age properly you should apply sunscreen regularly, take care about the make up you are using and think about exercises you are doing. There are still experts who can help you to reduce the sings of ageing so that you can go on leading a healthy lifestyle of preventing age signs.

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