“Travel is not reward for working. It is education for living.” -The Travel Essential

Traveling to different places and immersing yourself in foreign environments and culture is not, as many would have believed, a luxury. It is a necessity as it is one of life’s excellent avenues for reinvigorating your soul as well as yourself. It allows you that brief and much-deserved respite–especially if you have been beaten down by stress and difficulties at work. However, more often than not, we are deterred from traveling and experiencing that wanderlust by financial constraints. In fact, one of the most generic and common excuses for not traveling is not having enough money to finance the excursion. Although globetrotting is arguably an expensive and exorbitant pastime, there are certain creative alternatives that would enable you to travel the world for less. It is very possible to satisfy your wanderlust while sticking to your budget, but you do need to review and revisit your travel style. However, do not mistake affordability for a substandard experience, as more often than not while it might be different, it is not subpar at the whole. In many cases, it might even be better than what you are used to. After all, it is not every day that you are given the chance to step out of your comfort zone–so, it might as well be on your next travel endeavor. Whether you are going to Cebu, looking for cheap hotels in Lapu Lapu Cebu or looking for a “couchsurfing” ad elsewhere, here are some of the best travel hacks for a more affordable travel adventure:

1.) Travel in the low season

Airplane fares are understandably and inevitable pricier during peak seasons such as the holidays and when a particular destination’s weather turns favorable. If you wish to save on airline expenses, take the less traveled path by booking low-season trips. Although weather may be far from favorable, there are still many attractions, restaurants and places to go during this season. Keep in mind to dress accordingly however and ensure that you have packed enough to last you throughout your stay.

2.) Take a day trip

There is no absolute need for you to go overseas just to enjoy a brief vacation. If you are pressed for time and are running low on money for travel expenses, why not go on a day trip instead? In lieu of going overseas, explore the near tourist places and attractions in your hometown. Choose those destinations that take no longer than a couple of hours to reach and have a “staycation” if you may.

3.) Arrange a home exchange

If you wish to travel overseas without spending so much on hotel accommodations, arrange for a home exchange. Exchanging your property for a brief period with someone else is an excellent alternative to hotel accommodations. Furthermore, you will get a comfortable, cozy and relaxing place to stay at virtually no cost. If you are wary about strangers occupying your home, do note that you will be staying in theirs too so there is a likely chance that they would take extra care of your homes. Additionally, it would help if you did a screening prior to agreeing to swap homes. Meet them in person first as this will greatly assuage your fears in letting a stranger into your home.

4.) Book a vacation rental with a group


Cut down accommodation costs by traveling in a group. Invite your friends for a vacation spree and divide the hotel accommodation or vacation rental fee amongst yourselves. Traveling in a group is an excellent way to cut costs significantly and is an excellent way to bond with your friends as well. Furthermore, you can potentially save up a lot on food expenses as opting to go grocery shopping with them and cooking them yourselves would be significantly cheaper than dining in restaurants. However, you do have to be a bit more receptive in sharing rooms or stepping around unfolded sofa beds. Moreover, you might have to get used to your friends’ daily habits if you are going to be vacationing with them. However, do note that these are insignificant things and issues you can easily overlook. Plus, traveling with friends is truly an enjoyable way to make new memories sans the exorbitant cost.

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