Advice From Jewellers About Buying Custom Engagement Rings

Men and women who are in the market for customengagement rings should come across the helpful services of professional jewellers. These operators have the training and experience to guide anyone to the right purchase, but they won’t be shy in outlining what is worthwhile and what could be a mistake in the long run. As always, the client has all of the discretion, but when they talk to these specialists about the endeavour, they will pass over some important advice that should be taken onboard.

Establish Your Price Prospects

Jewellers know that men and women can spend dozens of hours looking at customengagement rings if they are still unsure about how much they are willing to spend. Some consumers will be swept up in the moment and want to make a grand gesture, but this should also include some practical understanding about how much money is indeed available for this project, allowing them to narrow the search.

Recognise The Band Size

It is essential that the shopper understands the ring finger size of their partner before proceeding with the purchase of custom engagement rings. Jewellers will assist individuals in this process as they detail a number of options that can be suitably fitted. This can be tricky given the secrecy of the project, but if they are already a ring wearer with jewellery, it is beneficial to measure up while they are out of the room.

Reflect on Band Colour& Texture

The metal of the band with engagement rings is an essential component that jewellers will be happy to discuss with customers. This is the part of the product that will be felt up against the skin everyday, so it is worthwhile looking at the platinum, gold and sterling silver varieties that are showcased in a wide range of colour schemes.

Examine All Ring Shape Profiles

The choice of shape with custom engagement rings is purely subjective. A jeweller will always talk to the customer about what their partner’s preference is because they are the party that has to be enticed. They will outline everything from marquise and pear shapes to heart, oval, square, asscher and anything else that is on the shelf from developers.

Have The Diamond Assessed For Clarity

To acquire a diamond grading report with engagement rings, jewellers will run assessments on the clarity of the cut. This is to help protect the value of the item and to see if there are any blemishes or inconsistencies that would drop the retail value. Members don’t want to be paying over the odds if they know that the cut is not as pure as it was originally intended.

Complementary Setting

Depending on what the client believes, there will be a range of different settings on hand that helps to elevate or lower the diamond. From the halo that adds sparkle to the double halo, bezel or prong that creates a solitaire effect, the jeweller will pass over their recommendations based on the type of cut that is selected.

Assess Item Under Various Light Conditions

One inside trick that jewellers will recommend to constituents is placing the item under different lighting conditions, helping them to gauge how it performs for indoor and outdoor spaces. Members don’t want to see the brand become too dull or change colour and configuration wildly unless that has been previously advertised.

Take Out Product Insurance

Rings of this nature can be fragile at the best of times. If the investment was lost, damaged or compromised in any shape or form, it pays to have an insurance agreement in place. Professionals will advise this course of action although it is entirely up to the customer if they are willing to sign onto that added cost with custom engagement rings.

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