Adding Some Glamour and Style to Your Caravanning Holiday

It may be that in your head, caravanning and anything remotely glamorous are worlds apart. After all, it’s impossible to still look super-hot and feminine when on the road. Does it really have to be that way? No, not. While it’s easier to look and feel awesome when you have just had a hot shower in the hotel ensuite and are heading to the pool in that cute two-piece, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a similarly feminine and glamorous experience while on the road on a caravanning holiday.

Sure, you still need to be careful with how much you pack, and you won’t have access to a luxury hotel, but as you will see from our tips below, you can still look and feel your best in a caravan.

Time to Dispel the Misconceptions

First things first, get those old fashion views of what caravans are and what they have in the way of amenities out of your head right now. Most modern caravans have working showers, chemical toilets and other mod cons that mean you don’t necessarily have to use the facilities provided by caravan parks.

Sure, it will depend on the quality of your caravan as to whether you have a great shower or just an oaky one but keeping clean and fresh isn’t as hard as you may have imagined.

Add to that the fact that there is a lot of storage space, so if you are careful and pay attention to not overpacking your tourer, you can still take enough clothes and accessories to look great. Most models also cooking appliances and TVs, a must for those days when the weather isn’t going your way.

Don’t Follow the Crowd

Don’t want to stop at a busy caravan park with lots of screaming kids and nosy pitch neighbours? Then, go your own way. One of the greatest joys that comes from caravanning is that you are not restricted. Sure, if you want all the facilities and access to swimming pools and other features, head to a caravan park. However, if you really want to get out there and explore the country and want some quality time on your own, take a trip off the beaten track. Live a little.

Invest in Tech

We are living in the most digitally advanced time in history. You can make use of all that great tech that is out there to enhance the caravanning experience. Whether its investing in a decent satnav or GPS device or reversing cameras for when you need to hitch up or even just a wi-fi modem to that you can have access to your favourite streaming entertainment platforms, there is plenty ways you can improve your time on the road.

Practice Towing

It can be a real nightmare trying to reverse your towing vehicle and tourer if you are just new to the caravanning world. Rather than waiting until you are miles away from home in an unfamiliar territory with no one you know, why not practice somewhere more familiar. There are even courses available to help you learn how to tow. Failing that you could speak to friends who caravan and ask them for some pointers.

For more advice and to find all you need for caravanning, look a Caravan Helper.

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