Accelerate your recovery from an ankle injury

If you are an athlete or a sportsperson, any mention of an ankle injury will seem like an ordinary occurrence to you. For everyone else, ankle injuries represent a tricky and painful proposition. Moreover, depending upon the kind of injury it is, the recovery and rehabilitation can be a long and an arduous process.

According to research, a whopping majority of ankle injuries are sprains, and often represent the most painful of all ankle-related conditions. The recovery time estimated for a sprain in the ankle is usually 2-6 weeks, but where your recovery will end depends on how well you take care of yourself. An ankle is a very delicate part of your body, and, if not recovered properly, will lead to permanent damage. If you want to get up and running as quickly as possible, and return your ankle to 100% health, then you will have to be patient and systematic.

The PRICE technique, along with an ankle brace for sprain, has been recommended by the medical fraternity as the best procedure to accelerate your recovery from an ankle injury. One can always follow the basic bandage and rest method, but that would considerably slow down the healing and lead to months of inconvenience and discomfort. Let’s elaborate:

P – Protection


Quick action is critical to allow accelerated recovery of your ankle. This is where the protection part comes into play. Immediately after the sprain, sit or lie down in order to reduce the pressure off your ankle. For the first 24-72 hours, absolutely no aggravation of the injury should be allowed.

R – Rest


What follows protection is rest. In essence, this means restricting your movement and putting taking a walk or moving your ankle under a strict lockdown. If it is absolutely imperative for you to discard bed rest and walk around, use crutches or a walking stick to prevent your affected ankle from coming under any kind of stress. This time is critical for your ankle to initiate the natural healing process.

I – Ice


Next comes application of ice to the injured area. This technique aids in muscle and tissue recovery while also reducing the pain. A bag of frozen peas works best, otherwise you can also get a proper ice pack. Limit application to the affected area to 20 minutes in one sitting; 3-5 times a day evenly spaced ice applications are really affective during the first three days of the injury.

C- Compression


Sustained pressure and compression around the injured ankle is the next step in the PRICE method, and helps to quell the swelling. This is where a good ankle brace for sprain will expedite your recovery and provide proper support to the ankle. You can get one from reputed medical supply portals online, such as Smart Medical Buyer which has a huge array of doctor-recommended genuine medical instruments and supplies. One tip we suggest is to use a brace that goes from the toes to the mid-calf for proper support.

E- Elevation


To improve circulation of blood and accelerate the healing process, use pillows and other aids to keep your ankle and leg in an elevated position throughout your recovery period.

So, that was the PRICE technique in a nutshell. One last thing to remember is that the success and swiftness of this technique is often dependent on the quality of brace or bandage you are using for your ankle. As is the case with many medical instruments, the best ones are those recommended by doctors. We suggest you go for a quality brace such as the xCPO Functional Ankle Brace which is to ankle braces what the world-renowned Littmann Cardiology 4 is to stethoscopes.


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